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Thread: Am i ready to tank TOC10 and VOA10? plus some other questions

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    Am i ready to tank TOC10 and VOA10? plus some other questions

    Hi Guys,

    I recently got into trying to gear my Warrior. I got her some crafted BOEs plus i put some time into grinding emblems for gear (along with getting some lucky drops here and there).

    Just wondering if my current gear is okay for TOC10 already, will be running mostly with guildies so i don't think it would be much of an issue if in case we don't get to finish it.

    For VOA10, i mostly run with pugs. Would my gear be enough for me to tank it? I currently have around 4.9k GS so i dunno if that would be an issue or not.

    I ran normal HoR 3 times last night, no sign of the shield T_T

    Here's my armory link:

    Another question, I currently have ick's rotting thumb and the black heart. I also have the essence of gossamer and the monarch crab trink from JC. Which trinkets should i be using? Should i grind for the glyph of indominability also?

    Thank you very much in advance for our replies,


    P.S. IKR? Female Undead Warrior <3

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    The triumph glyph is worth the investment. It gives you a tub of armour and a 2 minute 'oh crap' button. The essence is good for trash tanking but will serve you little otherwise. Ick's Thumb doesn't have that great an 'oh crap' and it gives little in the way of 'on equip' bonuses.

    Keep running HoR for that shield. It'll drop. I got mine from there. Amulet in HoR-H is worth trying for too. Frosties on the frost cloak when available.

    In VoA10 you need lots of effective health. The ice dude can hit like a truck if you get too many stacks of the debuff.

    You have 36k health and 26.5k armour. I'd say you could probably do VoA10 and ToC10, but you'll probably bite it a few times learning ToC10. VoA is a bit more forgiving.

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    Awesome. Exactly what i needed. Thank you!

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