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Thread: Healing Lich King (10)

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    Healing Lich King (10)

    My 10 man Icecrown group, in its first week, ended up clearing up in Icecrown other than Lich King. Nobody really expected it and I have never healed Lich King fight before. My shaman is okay geared for Lich King I guess, and the Armoury link is below:

    The group setup will most likely be a Prot Paladin, Prot Warrior, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, Ret Paladin, Arms/Fury Warrior, Demo Lock and 2x Hunters (Can change specs).

    I guess what Im looking for is small tips you could give to the Resto Shaman in this group, or any quick changes I can make to my gear in 3 days whilst saved to ICC/VoA/ToC25, such as gemming or enchanting, to make this easier. I will run ICC 25, VoAs and ToC 25 for a Solace before my Lich King night.

    We have 2 nights focused just on the Lich King so I would like to maximise my characters output.

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