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Thread: [H-Thaurissan-PvP] - Origins - Recruiting for ICC25

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    [H-Thaurissan-PvP] - Origins - Recruiting for ICC25

    <Origins> is a 25 man guild recruiting all exceptional DPS for progression into 25 Icecrown Citadel, as well as for a possible 3rd 10 man ICC group. Tanks and healers are also welcome to apply. Currently, we run the following:

    Wednesday, 8.30pm SVT: 25 ICC
    Thursday 8.30pm SVT: 2x10 ICC
    Sunday/Monday 8.30pm SVT: 10 ICC continuations

    Realm: Thaurissan
    (Server times are Oceanic, hence Weds 8:30 SVT is Weds 1:30am PST or Tues 11:30pm HST)

    We're open to any skilled, experienced, ICC-geared players, but particularly need:
    Ret Paladin
    Holy Paladin
    Enhancement Shaman
    Feral Druid
    1 x Tank
    Plus other good dps

    Progression is at 8/12 25 ICC, 11/12 10 ICC, with steady progress being made in 10 ICC. When further progression is made in 25 ICC, 25 ICC continuations will be run on Thursdays as well. We are looking for regular players that know their class, are raid aware (preferably at all levels, as detailed in Ciderhelm's video guide on raid awareness), and can sustain continuous dps or healing while executing fight mechanics.

    <Origins> members are friendly, respectful, and known to cut up occasionally. We use EPGP loot system and believe it creates the best system of incentives and rewards for progression and long-term guild development. We seek people with the raid awareness, class knowledge, and dedication to learn encounters required to progress through top tier content. Noxious, rude behavior is not tolerated. Ages of 18+ are preferred, however, exceptions may be made for younger players that can demonstrate maturity in their application.

    For more information, please visit our website and forum at:

    Alternatively, contact Elsalsai in-game.

    To apply, please register and activate an account at our forum, post an application, and mention you found us on Tankspot.
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