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Thread: Gearing up my tank for icc 10man

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    Gearing up my tank for icc 10man

    I have ~5050gs on my tank set and people still say im under geared for icc. Idk were else i can get upgrades so i'd like some help on were i can get some better gear, atm money is a bit of a problem

    Here is my wowarmory link

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    A few things.

    1)While it won't help your GS, getting cheap enchants will help your viability. You can cover chest and boots with Hvy Borean Leather armor kits (18STA) for very little money.
    2)Also, using Epic quality gems (30 STA), while not exactly cheap can boost your current gear by 48 STA. More if you replace that 16 Parry in your shoulders with a purple of some sort (STA/DEF, STA/Dodge, or STA/Parry). Worst case, use Triumphs or Honor to buy gems.
    3)Frost Cloak and Belt.
    4)A better neck can be had from the end of hHoR

    Pretty much anything else is going to have to come from Raid Drops or spending lots of money on the high end crafted stuff.

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    Pretty much was said above. The frost emblem trink was a dubious choice for frost emblems... cloak and belt are better picks, as there are easily obtainable tanking trinks around, and belts and cloaks are tricker.

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    Maxing your Mining and getting your JC up to 350 (for Solid Dragon's Eyes) will give you a nice HP boost. That'll take you a few weeks of solid grinding though.

    You can get these crafted too: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47570

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