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Thread: DK duel spec TANKING Spell/big hitter vs Melee bosses

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    DK duel spec TANKING Spell/big hitter vs Melee bosses

    Hi firstly id like to say this is my first post here.. Im sure that my question has been asked and more than likely answered but I havent found anything near to what im after as of yet :S If you have seen these questions please link them to me thanks ^_^

    I am a dk dual spec tanking in icc 10 mans, me (OT) and the MT (warrior) swap roles a lot so you may as well consider me as a MT. Im wanting to seperate my specs for different bosses, so that one spec is for melee bosses requiring dodge and armor, and another spec is for spell/big hitting bosses (if for some reason ive screwed the mechanics up PLEASE TELL ME). When in dps gear i havent had troubles keeping up dps while in tank spec mainly due to the way dks talents are set out so i will figgure out which i prefer to dps in. I am a 2 hander dk, my MS for a long time has been blood, though im thinking the other spec to be frost for 20% haste for my guild (due the way its set out we dont have this buff and due to the tightness of the guild it wont change). I also have a hunter in my guild who uses the 10% ap aura so i cant use abom might. My guild is currently 8/12 10 man icc, and i would like to do everything i can to make it easier for us from now on.

    Here is my armory if for some reason you need it: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...rock&cn=Hephen
    Unless i log on before you read this i am pretty sure i have no talents at the moment..

    1. Which spec (blood/frost) would be best for both situations?
    2. Should i include the dodge/armor for the spec for spell bosses? If i do not i may gain quite a lot of talents to place elsewhere for extra threat/dmg
    3. Can i please get a link to a frost tree that is purely for either of these situations? (please add hast aura)
    4. I need a rotation for frost as well, keep in mind the new threat buff for IT (please add both single and aoe targeting)
    5. I may have been looking in the wrong places for this but i could find what i wanted..(and yes this is the wrong place to ask but i may as well while im here) Can somebody please give me a best in slot trinkets for each boss? And if you could please tell me what each boss does so that i can be in the correct talent spec.
    6. Is it worth it? or should i just have 1 tanking spec (as it is i am unsure past 8/12)

    I have seperated the questions into numbers so that it is easier for me to flick through the replys, can you please add the number to the question you are answering. I am sorry if i am overlapping many questions from other posts, though can you please bare with me for i need these questions answered!

    Thanks guys.

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