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Thread: Fury Tips

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    Fury Tips

    I just respecced to fury from arms to give DPS a shot (I'm main specced prot)
    I was practicing on a target dummy and I was having trouble getting over 4k DPS and was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on where to improve my gear or spec.
    My DPS set is just a little side project for me right now so I'm limited to what I can buy from triumph emblems and gold and a few pieces of gear from early ICC10

    I know I'm missing a few enchants and intend to get those tonight after writing this.
    Thanks in advance,

    Here's my armory.

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    Don't gem for Hit when you're above 164 rating. You only NEED 5% + Precision, any Hit rating over that is ok, but not to be taken over other stats such as Strength, Crit, ArP, Expertise, or even Haste. You should be gemming for Strength or ArP (Strength now as you're above the 722ish necessary to cap ArP with NES) in red slots, Str/Crit gems in yellows with a Strength socket bonus. Use a +20 Str or +20 ArP gem in your boots, trading 10 of a DPS stat for 6 Strength and 15 Stamina isn't worth it. Use a Nightmare Tear in one slot with a good socket bonus (actually, maybe in your boots) to fulfill the requirements for your meta gem, after that ignore blue sockets for the most part.

    You could do with a bit less Hit and a LOT less Expertise, and try to get rid of the PvP gear. Dexterous Brightstone Ring is nice, get that. Broach of the Wailing Night is better than Spiked Battleguard Choker. Definitely enchant your gear. Get the Sons of Hodir enchant for your shoulders, +23 agility for your cloak, +8/10 stats for your chest, +50 AP to bracers, +44 AP to gloves, Icescale Leg Armor, Cat's Swiftness to boots. If you're able to get crafted gear, the 264 crafted DPS Legs and Boots would be good upgrades that could help get rid of some of your Expertise. If you do get them, I'd suggest getting T9 gloves to keep your Tier Set bonus. Not sure what to tell you about your PvP belt, Vengeful Noose is fantastic, but apart from that you pretty much have to take what you can get to drop in raids.

    **edit** Get Glyph of Cleaving and Glyph of Heroic Strike instead of Bloodthirst and Mortal Strike. Get rid of the points in Unbridled Wrath and put them in Booming Voice, I'd suggest getting Improved Cleave and Heroic Fury as well. Get rid of Imp Berserker Rage, if you need more talent points I'd say take the points from Commanding Presence if your raid composition allows it. **edit**

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    Wait? 5% Hit Rating (164)? I'm so used to a 263 standard. What about Expertise?

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    You need 5%, because the Precision talent gives 3%. 5% + 3% = 8%, which is the Hit cap for special attacks against a level 83 boss. You want 213 Expertise rating (about 26 Expertise on your character sheet, 213 is actually capped but will display as 25). Any Expertise beyond that is wasted, assuming you're attacking the boss from behind. Hit above 164 isn't worthless, it still helps your white swings, it's just less desirable than other stats.

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    I thought once you're soft capped for ArP you should continue to gem for it until 100% passive ArP?
    I don't have any frost emblems to spare for the belt, is there another one I could pick up to replace my PvP one?

    Like I said, this spec is mostly for having some fun in heroics and such and I won't be raiding with it for some time now.
    I'll be sure to drop the hit gems out of my gear when the server comes back up.

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    Really 8% hit for fury? everything ive looked up says we need ALOT more thatn 8% for fury. I could be wrong though. I don't use the target much, when i attack it my DPS is lot lower than what it really is when doing a heroic/raid.
    Not able to log on atm to see what my hit is, but i know its well above 8%. Please correct me if i am wrong though.

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    Everywhere you looked up is wrong then. 8% is all you need, ever. Anything more is just gravy or wasted itemization.

    Priority for fury is 1. getting expertise capped 2. getting hit capped. Anything after that is str/arp/crit.

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    More than 8% depends on your gear level I believe. As gear level increases rage generated from white damage increases because white damage increases as gear level goes up is the reasoning I've seen. And it seems to have held true for me as well (though this is andetocal, not mathematical), basically at 8% hit, you still miss with 19% of your white attacks - and those that land don't deal as much damage so generate less rage. So having higher hit % increases successful white hits and thus rage. At higher gear levels white attacks deal more damage so you don't need as many successful hits to generate sufficient rage.

    And since white attacks are your weakest attacks, losing some of them (through lowering hit %) doesn't result in a DPS loss because you're gaining more desired stats like Str/ArP/Crit that increase the damage of all attacks that do land (which include all your specials).

    Or have I really bungled this?

    Also, the expertise cap is the soft cap, 26, not the hard cap of 48 or whatever it is. To eliminate dodge when attacking a boss from the back.

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    fyi, you do NOT need 8% hit, MINIMUM is 164 rating ,which atleast caps you on your specails, If you feel your Rage generation is lacking, then getting more hit is a sure-fire way to solve a rage issue, but MOST of the itime, the reason your having rage issues at all would be Heroic striking too much.


    Note: for Arms expertise is not needed, but for fury, expertise is required.

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