I have 91 Frosts atm, and was looking into getting a piece of T10 (Shoulders or Chest) soon. However, Landsoul's Spreadsheet is showing T10 Shoulders to be a 25 DPS loss over my T9 shoulders, and T10 Chest as a 2 DPS increase over T9 chest. Why is there such a difference between them? Neither is a large upgrade, as I have 245 T9 in both of the slots in question, but why should T10 chest be an upgrade when the shoulders aren't? Is either upgrade worth it now, or should I get something else or just wait it out? As I have the crafted legs and don't expect to replace Ramaladni's Blade of Culling until I get Shadow's Edge and Cryptmaker, T10 legs are going to be hard to fit into my gear set, so the 4-piece bonus isn't an option at this time.