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Thread: Leveling 70-80 (Mage)

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    Leveling 70-80 (Mage)

    I did some searching and really couldn't find a thread that really looked into what I wanted to talk about. I've got my mage at 71 and I haven't touched a mage since early BC. I've got an arcane and a frost spec currently in dual spec and I have epic flying. Should I be bustin out the frost and just aoe grinding like the old days, or just questin hardcore as arcane? Also I'm not quite sure what my spell rotation should be as arcane. I've just been hitting barrage when it's up and then using missiles whenever I get the Missile Barrage proc. Seems like I could be much more efficient but I just haven't touched the class in so long.

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    Questing is the best way to gain XP solo, hands down - with BOA gear, rested XP, and the LFD tool, dungeons can come close. Whether you do it as frost or arcane is probably more up to your play style. I prefer Frost simply because of what I feel is less downtime, although admittedly I don't have a lot of arcane experience.

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    I just recently leveled a Mage and I found uses for both. Normally I just went at it as Arcane because of how ridiculous the damage was and mobs dropped like a rock. I went Frost when I was doing difficult quests or going into zones that posed some threat to survivability. Frost seemed to eat up too much mana also. I would find myself blowing mana gem charges or using mana pots because Evo was down and I refused to stop and drink. As Arcane I wasn't even using the 2 min Evo every time it was up and could non-stop grind a lot easier.

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