Hello fellow tanks,

I was wondering if I could gain your feedback and support in refining my frost build, or just commenting on whether they seem good as they are. It certainly serves me well as a ICC tank and I suppose that is the most important thing (that I am comfortable with it), however I would like a second opinion from someone on the outside looking. be nice though! Its important for me to ensure I am getting the most of out my character.

Additionally, I have taken duel weilding in a bid to test the IIT theory within DPS intensive boss encounters and I have gingerly created a build down the frost tree to take this IIT which has caused sacrifice of other talents (ho humm). I was hoping for some feedback on that build (there may be no right or wrong way to do it though atm). All advise welcome on the secondary build (which is a build ONLY, no glyphs have be assigned yet). I recognise that IIT is a subject that can cause endless debate but at this point, I simply want to test it out and see how it goes. Although some feedback on ensureing the build is as good as it can be to include IIT is always helpful.


Thanking you all in advance.