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Thread: Any more things to get?

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    Any more things to get?


    Okay I finally got the T9 gloves with triumph to replace my Mercy's hold gloves. This gives me 3 pieces of t9. Should I go for another piece to get the 4 piece bonus? I have mixed and matched so far to try and get the best I can. I am saving up for the Cat bp to hopefully replace my current bp.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Side Note: I really only have access to the 5 man's heroics. Thought that might be helpful to know as well.



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    I'd get the mats to craft the saronite swordbreakers. Nice upgrades to wrists and it'll last till 25 man icc.. Probably not too expensive now either. I'd also get frost belt next and if you have alts (or a lot of gold), I'd use them to run the daily/weekly for frosts and craft the boots and legs. Maybe run HHOR for an upgrade to your neck.

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