due to the way my realm is (there are no 25 man guilds on alliance side anymore, all progress being made in 25 man is by 3 guilds sending a small group of their "elite" to make any sort of progress), I don't see myself tanking anything further than ICC 10 up to gunship at MOST.

Right now I'm trying to get ICC ready, and I'm pretty steadfast on being unholy.

What I'm trying to figure out is if I gemmed for dodge to much since the general mantra with tanks seems to be "STAM EVERYWHERE"

I have most slots covered with where my next upgrade is going to be but I do have some general questions.

Trinkets. I need any trinket suggestions. I've been trying to get the black heart from regular toc but sure enough, every run it drops, someone steals my precious away from me.

I have the mats for the saronite swordbreakers, but progress being slow as it is on my realm, there are maybe 6 or 7 people with the actual pattern.

I need a decent cloak. I have NO idea where to get one.

Everything else I have an option for. Mostly I want to know how I should go about gemming/enchanting for icc. And possibly where my few points of wiggle room in talents should go.

Also, I'll probably be swapping glyph of DnD for runestrike glyph if I start raid tanking, are there other concerns with glyphing?