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Thread: Low Dps all of a sudden

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    Low Dps all of a sudden

    hmm im been experiencing low dps on my dk since the 3.3.3 patch
    here my armory http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...hrall&cn=Niibz
    my rotation is: PS-IT-BS-BS-SS-DC dump- HoW - SS- DC - SS- SS- Dump.
    i would use gargoyle usually when we pop blood lust which i will have indestructible potion and potion of speed active for it. On Putricide and Blood Council i can only pull 5-6k dps and i dont know what wrong.
    Any tips or help would be appreciated thank you!

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    The first thing that sticks out is your hit and expertise, it's waaay over the cap for both. I would run heroic FoS and pick up the Needle Encrusted Scorpion to replace your hit trinket. If you have the time try to pug a ToC 25 for Death's Verdict. ICC 25 is pretty puggable these days up until Saurfang which would give a shot at DBW. Your specs and glyph choices look fine. I'm not familiar with the rotation for the Reaping build but it appears okay to me. Bosses that contain high movement/target switching such as Putricide and Blood Princes are not the best to use when comparing your dps to what you think it should be. The best boss I've found is Saurfang since there's no movement at all for melee. My only question is do you wait to use Gargoyle? It's better to use it twice in one boss fight than hold off until heroism/bloodlust and only use it once. I always pre-pot with Indestructible and immediately summon it after my first rotation because by that time most of my procs are up. Summoning AotD pre-pull is also a dps gain.

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