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Thread: Best spec for leveling a first time rogue player, and talent choices.

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    Best spec for leveling a first time rogue player, and talent choices.

    Hi, I am a level 80 dk..i decided to roll a rogue because i figured it would be fun to play that class. So i am going to go on and throw it out there i know absolutely nothing about the dynamics of the class other than they have the potential to do sick dps in the right hands. I am currently level 41 and what i would like to know is what is the best spec for me to be concentrating on to level this toon and at what time do i need to change to another....because from what i have read some folks say assassination and some say combat and i have even read that some like subtlety. I would like to level as quickly as possible but want to make sure i am learning the aspects of the class to make him a good raider when he hits 80. My armory to gear is
    and my talent spec is

    I know i need to get two glyphs to put in there but i am even undecided as to which two to throw in there. Thank you for your help in advance and please try not to laugh to hard at my feeble attempt at leveling a rogue cause i will make him an 80 someday...lol

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    "laugh to hard at my feeble attempt at leveling a rogue" wtf no one expects you to know all aspects of your class and to be able to maximize performance while leveling.

    I've always prefered Subtlety for leveling since it gives much more survivability than the other classes. It's great burst damage, fine survival abilities, has lots of quick combo points and you move faster while stealthed. Not to mention Preparation if you need to use a cooldown again. Sure, if you like one of the other specs better GO with it ! It's all preference and what makes, in my opinion, rogue leveling so cool. Here's how I'd make the spec at around the 40's: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#fZZtbczIGzzAz:dZ0. You'll have to swap your dagger to MH though if you want to Ambush.. If you prefer to Cheap Shotting, go something like http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#fZZe0cdIhzzAz:dZ0 but again these are just templates for you and what I'd do if I was to level a second rogue.

    Just as a side note, I doubt anyone really cares about the gs of your main character

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    Thank you for the information, i will make some changes....also what glyphs should i be using.

    And as a side note i took out the GS of my DK for you, but i had put it in there in the first place to let someone know who was reading it that i am not some noob hack that has just started playing wow, i do know how to play the game just not a rogue very well yet. Thanks for the sarcasm it is refreshing....again thank you for the information you gave earlier i appreciate it alot.


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    Combat will generally be the fastest levelling spec, and the best damage in instances while levelling. That said, you really should just go with the tree you enjoy most while levelling, since it really doesn't matter hugely until you hit 80, and levelling should be about enjoying yourself.

    If I personally were to level a rogue again, I'd probably go Combat until I could have Mutilate, then go Assassination until 80. That's just my personal preference.

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