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Thread: No block rating?

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    No block rating?

    Hey guys, been lurking for a while but couldn't find anything on this topic so I wondered if I could pick your brains on something.

    So yeah I've been 80 for about 3 weeks and I've just noticed that I have 0 block rating on my gear. Is this a problem? I mean I've been fine so far doing VoA10/25 ToC10/25 but was wondering if it was going to become an issue moving into Icecrown or not.

    Here is a link to my armoury so you can see what kind of gear I am running.

    Oh and whilst you are on my armoury, any of you reckon my gear is up to scratch for ICC10? Many thanks.
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    nope ... just stack armor and hp mate as much as u can of both and ull be a tanking god mitigation wise ... i have gone big armor big hp this content and i always get compliments from healers saying i am one of the easiest tanks they have ever had to heal

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    Part of it is block has become far less valuable to tank as the content progressed. The amount of damage blocked hasn't really increased with the content, or at least thats how it seems to me, so block mitigation against hits for 20k are far less valuable than for 5k. They're still valuable, but you get more out of Dodge and Parry which allows you to avoid all damage, than block which only mitigates some of it. So block rating has fallen out of favor.

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