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Thread: [Video]: HC HoR - Warrior strategy & tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flexthetroll View Post
    I agree with the flaws in the los tactic. The tactic that is shown in your video is a very interesting way to do this fight, sadly for puging this instance this would not work. I am sure like most guilds there are members of the guild that will just not do this instance so in order to do it I have to pug it. Unless you get that 1% pro group it would be hard to get a pug to perform this, half the time I can’t even get pug dps to interrupt. Good video, the start is very interesting.
    I honestly have to ask if you are kidding here.

    ALL 5 mans i do is with pugs. I have never done HoR in an "arranged" run with people i know (with the exception of farming the Shield in normal mode). I have run the instance countless of times by now on Heroic mode with group members of various gear levels (including groups that only just about met the minimum requirements for doing the instance).

    I simply can't understand how you can conclude that this tactic would not work in a PuG when it not only has worked for me more times than i can remember, but has worked BETTER than the others. I won't call you bad, but are you sure this isn't a skill issue on your end?

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    I made the same experience as Flexthetroll on my realmpool. People are stubbornly sticking to the LoS tactic, although they never do even that tactic properly. I never even managed to get the team to support one kill order. Actually, whenever I tried to give tactical orders or discuss tactics, people just went "stfu" "gogogo" etc.. Thats why I just leave nowadays when the tool puts me into HoR.

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    So completed H HOR for the first time last night. Have done reg version a few times using LOS strat in alcove (would rather fight mobs than group), but have consistently wiped on the herioc version everytime attempted.

    Well last night got a group where 2 of the persons wanted to do it in the entrance hall. Was a DREAM!!!! I will admit I am not the best tank in the game, not even close, but can hold my own pretty well. At least as a warrior, this is SO MUCH EASIER than the LOS alcove crap.

    You can see everything, you can move around and use your warrior movement abilities, charge, intercept, intervene, your can Heroic throw caster, cause you can see them. PLUS your group is not all clustered together for the AOE of mobs to hit them all.

    Is it lost on everyone that tanks usually try to group the mobs, not only to help keep aggro on all of them, but also so that party AOE can hit the max # of mobs for max amount of damage? So why would you want your group all clustered in the alcove waiting for mob aoe to hit?

    Will admit we had a well geared pug, but even still, everyone was very happy with result, and it was som much better doing this in the open, than staring at a wall in the alcove, and having terrible camera angles, and not seeing everyone.

    Just my 2 cents


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