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Thread: heroic strike/revenge devastate macro?

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    heroic strike/revenge devastate macro?

    Is there a way to make a macro for heroic strike string to abilities such as revenge, or devastate in situations when i am over 50 rage? basically modify the ability to only be used when i am currently over 50 rage?

    also curious if there is a way to macro devastate to revenge? Since now revenge has been revamped and is really amazing i was wondering if there is a way to macro the abilities together to reduce the amount of different buttons i am in need of pushing during certain situations. I want the macro to basically use revenge first if possible, if not possible use devastate instead.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance. =)

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    To the first question: no way to do if/then statements in macros. So no.

    To the second question
    /cast Revenge
    /cast Devastate

    Would work, but I also seem to think there was a very good reason for not doing that.

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    They're on the same global cooldown therefore you cant use both in the same macro and have it work. The game will fire off both events at the same time and only the first one will work. That said, since revenge needs a proc and has a cooldown, it might work. I'm not that good with macros.

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    You need 2 different macros.

    /cast revenge
    /cast heroic strike

    /cast devastate
    /cast heroic strike

    There is no way to make macros have conditions, ie you are over 50 rage so suddenly when you spam a button it will do something else.
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    you could always try this macro (im new sorry if im not supposed to post in older threads) it works for me. having the ! in front will allow it to be used ONLY if available but i dont have a warrior so i dont know what cd's are on what sorry =( use this alot on my death knight

    /cast !Frost Strike
    /cast !Rune Strike

    /cast !Revenge
    /cast !Devistate
    /cast !Heroic Strike

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    ! in a macro means to not toggle the ability, which is why dk's use it in front of rune strike and warriors use in front of heroic strike. however, there is an option in the interface menu (under actionbars) called "secure ability toggle" that acts just like ! so you don't need to put it in macros as long as you have that option checked.

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    Devastate and Revenge aren't toggled abilities so use of the not operator "!" has no meaning when applied to those. Like the third post pointed out, it is functionally impossible to have a macro cast both Devastate and Revenge because the abilities can not be activated simultaneously, they are both on the Global Cooldown. You could use them in the same macro if there were conditions for selecting between them that are valid in macro syntax (such as a modifier key). You can check your rage number in a script, however a script can not execute a cast as those functions are now protected. So it is functionally impossible to have a macro that would base its decision on what to cast on the value of rage.
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