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Thread: New Guild

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    New Guild

    Hey all. I need some tips. I just created a new guild hoping for it to become a raiding guild. I would like some suggestions of how do I recruit more people? Any suggestions?

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    I mentioned this in another thread here but:

    Here's some tips.

    - Are you going to do 10 or 25 mans?
    - What kind of loot system will you use?
    - What days/times are you raiding?
    - How many nights a week are you raiding?
    - What will be the guilds policies?
    - What content will you be focusing on?

    Guild Website and Vent (Real Money Costs)

    One of the first things you will need is a guild website. You want it to be simple and easy to follow. It needs to have a links to your guilds policies, rules, loot system, and an application section. Its also a good idea to have raids scheduled on the website as well as sign ups for the raids. That way you force members to go to the website often to keep up to date.

    You also need a vent server. Both of these will be a real money investment you will have to shoulder.

    Guild Management
    You will need a team to help you manage the guild. The number of officers you have should be small, but enough to help share the work load. Your looking for people that have the time to invest inside as well as outside the game to the guild.

    Guild Master
    Assistant Guild Master
    Recruitment Officer
    Tank Officer
    Melee Officer
    Ranged Officer
    Healing Officer

    That's just getting started. Depending upon the pool of available raiders you already have this could take a while to get going. Right now were at the end of an expansion, the absolute worst time to be doing recuitment, since most people are going /afk till Cata.

    Anyway that just touches on a few things to help you get started. Hope it helps.
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