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Thread: Both Icy Talons and Abom's Might?

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    Both Icy Talons and Abom's Might?

    Blood Variant

    Frost Variant

    I don't know if I'm shooting myself in the foot by trying this, but I've had it in my head for a while that I could provide both Icy Talons and Abom's Might to my raid group while tanking. With the new changes, I decided to actually undertake the hybrid. Keep in mind this isn't a build for a fresh 80. I've got a 5900 gs, and I've been tanking since DKs could wield a weapon, so I know the class well.

    Am I shooting myself in the foot for trying this? Should I instead push for Frost?
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    Cool idea, definitely try it and let us know how it works. Only major issues I see are no Anticipation, no Blood Gorged or Tundra Stalker, and no Guile of Gorfeind. But on encounters where threat and survivability aren't issues for you, it might work well.

    For the Blood build I'd probably go for one that focuses a little more on physical dmg buffs too. Endless Winter, Annihilation (melee crit buff), Subversion instead of KM and SoB.

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    So, after trying it tonight. I'm extremely positive about it. It does need some tweaking. I dropped about 1k dps, but I gained at least that in my raid's dps. Anticipation was missed, but it can't be helped... which means this spec isn't for the light of gear.

    I'm gonna go with the frost version for the guile of gorefiend. I've got a ton of hp and a ton of reduced damage in that spec, and my healers weren't complaining.
    My revised spec is here: HERE.
    The rotation is REALLY open. It's more of a "what's open?" kind of spec. I'm not using the tanking sigil, I use the dps one, so I was trying to keep that up.
    It really came out to be:
    (single target) IT IT PS OB BS BS OB then ITx?, then FS whenever I got a second or KM popped. MY dps loved the amount of threat I generated. After leaving them behind, I tried put my focus more toward BS BS OB OB FS FS FS.
    (multi target) BTap DND IT(or Hcold) PS Pest, then BB 2x, tab/FS'd everything I could, then tab/IT'd. I really missed howling blast here. It's not great for more than 3 mobs.

    Anything else I need to say?

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    Thanks for the recap. At 5.7gs atm, might os this at 5.9gs and try it on 10man farming.

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