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Thread: [A] <Method> Recruiting for ICC hard mode content

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    [A] <Method> Recruiting for ICC hard mode content

    [A] Method, Greymane Server, CST PVE
    Webpage: http://www.method-greymane.com
    Wow Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/greymane/Method
    Application: http://www.method-greymane.com/application/
    Content (25): 12/12 ICC, 5/5 TOGC - Skill, 14/14 Ulduar, all T7 achievements
    Content (10): 12/12 ICC, 9/12 HM ICC, T7-T9 All achievements.
    GM: Nyght (alts: /who Nyght)
    Officers: Rokenkai, Rilos
    If you would like to get into contact with me or one of my officers, the best method would be in game on the Greymane server.

    Current Progression:
    We've been raiding as a guild for over two years. We went from Karazhan to SWP in Burning Crusade. In Lich King we were able to get all achievements within T7 content. We currently have 9 out of 9 hard modes completed in Ulduar with Algalon dead, ~24 people with Glory of the Ulduar Raider and Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider, 5/5 in Heroic TOGC with A Tribue to Mad Skill and are 12/12 in 10/25man ICC. We also run alt 25man TOC, 10man TOC and Ulduar and 10man ICC.

    About Method:
    Method is a guild on the PVE Greymane Server (CST). The guild has been run by the same person for over 2.5 years. We are more of an adult oriented guild with an average age of about 25. Our main goal is to keep the guild's roster size small in order to maximize playtime and to have a consistent group of people learning the content. My job is to have you in the instance when you login.
    Another goal of ours is to simply progress at a pace that keeps content challenging (hopefully un-nerfed). We've been consistently the third ranked guild on our side of the server while keeping a roster size of 32 people. Personality is a big attribute for us because it creates an environment that keeps a core group of people for two years and allows us to have fun while learning or farming content. Theorycrafting, encounter/class research and high playtimes are things that all of our players have.

    What We Look For:
    We are looking for active raiders that are interested in PVE progression for Hard Modes in ToGC and most importantly Icecrown Citadel. The most important thing we look for is the player's attitude - we need you to fit within our guild. Most of our players are over 25 years old and all have very high playtimes. This is more important to us than gear. I look for long-term players and not somebody looking for a ride for the next 2-3 months. Being able to fit in with our guild and having a consistent raiding schedule allows us to keep a very small roster.
    However, we do expect a high level of performance as well. I don't want to waste time watching somebody make a mistake over and over again, so we simply ask you to be consistent, prepared and ready to raid. You also need to be able to meet the DPS/healing requirements for the current hard modes (and most likely future)
    On our off-nights that we aren't doing 10 mans we sometimes PvP, run 25-man raids for our alts through Ulduar and ToGC and go visit old content to farm mounts or pets. We will also go back and revisit old progression, such as every week we do a 25man and 10man 3d zerg after raid or whenever we get the people so everyone who wants to attend can get a drake.

    Raid Experience:
    Along with your attitude, we would like you to have extensive Lich King raiding experience. We currently raid 4 nights a week (it ramps down once things get on farm status) and we don't want to waste anybody's time. With the release of Icecrown Citadel we will shift back to 5 nights a week. Come focused, prepared and on time. Invites always go out at 7:00 CST sharp and we pull every raid night by 7:15.
    You should have full Ulduar/ToGC experience and have either attempted, completed or done fairly thorough research on the hard modes included within Ulduar and TOC.

    Our Roster Size:
    We usually keep a roster of 29-32 people and will continue to keep the guild small. We rely on a very small player base and that will not change. Our players are dedicated to push progression and log on each and every night to raid with the guild whether or not the content is farmed. There is almost always something going on: 10man runs on off nights, 25man alt runs and really anything else. The guild stays very active.

    Our current schedule is Monday through Thursday 7:00 CST PM to 11:00 CST PM. A raid attendance of over 75% is required. If you are not able to keep a raid attendance of over 75%, then this will not be the right guild for you. We keep a small guild with people that have consistent raid times for a reason.

    How to contact Method:
    If you would like to have more information about the guild, please go to http://www.method-greymane.com/appli...plication.aspx and fill out the application. It is a private application process so nobody will be aware of your inten
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