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Thread: Yet another frost emblem trinket question.....

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    Yet another frost emblem trinket question.....

    OK so after making my grand return to wow about a little over a week ago from not having played since Pre-Ulduar. I instantly started building up my gear replacing my old 25 man stuff with regular 5 man stuff and heroic 5 man stuff /cry.
    While i was doing this i started accumulating frost emblems pretty quickly and the whole time i have been told by everyone "gotta get that corroded skeleton key" " Skellikon Key iz da bestest" and so on.
    So i was lead to believe that it was in fact "the bestest" and mandatory for any self respecting tank. But then, i decided to ask the internet and found nothing but page after page of cloak then belt recommendations.
    So i thought to myself Madness! have they lost there mind the Corroded skeleton key was blizzards gift to tanks..... and now i find myself torn between the Massive HP boost to placate PuG leaders or What is probably the better option for me as a tank.

    So now i ask you does anyone have any advice that might clear up this little dilemma of mine.
    (Currently sitting at 38.5kHP with Black Heart and Glyph of Indomitability)

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    I would say go with what you think is best - if you need more avoidance, go with that but if you are at a point that avoidance isn't going up very high anymore due to DR then go for the stamina

    Unless the PUG leader (or anyone else for that matter) really knows what he's talking about, i would not gear to fit their requirements

    If they don't accept you are, then meh, there's plenty of other "lf tanks" spam out there :P

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    Go for what is the biggest upgrade.


    The skeleton key, is, in my opinion questionable at best. There are so many other good options that will provide you with way more bang for the buck. Skeleton key is an upgraded brewfest trinket

    That 6k absorb on it, is not going to help you at all. I'd rate the black heart way above it.
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    There's not a lot of decent tanky cloaks out there and I would deff go for that first then belt then tier stuff when u have the frosties ready.
    There are plenty of trinkies available that are good and black heart is one of the best IMO. I do have the key but did buy it after the other items I mentioned.
    The 6k absorb isn't a lot really, stam is nice but with we get 3% more from vitality so you should have seen a small increase already.
    Good luck.
    So long and thanks for all this fish

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    The Cloak and Belt are so much better then anything you'll have already that it's not even funny. Get those first. The key is one of the smallest upgrades over what's already available in my opinion. It's a marginal upgrade over Juggernauts Vitality/Satrina's Impending Scarab from ToC25. Glyph of Indom is a solid choice for most fights, and Black heart is ranked very highly amongst available trinkets despite its obtainability.

    The US armory seems to be down atm, is Jaebles your Warrior's name?

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    Chars name is Jaebles from Bleeding Hollow any tips on gear or spec would be appreciated like i said only been back a week since not having played since pre ulduar so any tips would be appreciated just hit 50 emblems but will hold off on getting cloak for a bit

    Apparently WoW armory is still down but wow heroes has an up to date copy of it only changes are titanium earthguard to Ashen friendly ring and icks to glyph of indom

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