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Thread: dps dk needs help =(

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    dps dk needs help =(

    i have just got back from taking a break from wow and started playing my dk again

    i have just respeced and geared for dps from tanking but my dps fails. i know i still have 1 tanking ring but i dont think i would bring my dps down as much as it is

    im only doing 3.5k dps (on new boss in VoA)

    i dont know if its something im doing wrong but any help would be appreciated

    Armory link

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    Ya i had issue with DK dps also but finally figured it out. Went unholy and rotation is It,Ps,Bs,Bs,Dc,HoW,SS,DC,SS,SS,SS,DC,DC then repeat. Im to lasy to write out my spec XD but you can look up my talent tree on wow armory! US|Cairne|alliance|siphonix. Hope i helped!! ^('.')^

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