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Thread: warrior hit and exp cap

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    warrior hit and exp cap

    hey there!

    if been playin warrior for quite some time now, but im always tanking or pvp dps.. i got myself some pve dps gear but never minded the caps... the stupid thing is, i actually dont rlly know the caps..
    what is the hit/exp cap for an arms warrior and for a fury warr?
    as a tank ill try to get around 280 hit and 25-30 exp.. any1 got some advice for me?!

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    hi aluriel,

    in this forum are alot of answers to your question and also very good guides. Take a look in this two guides to find your answer ;-)

    Arms guide:

    Fury guide:

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    As a tank you do not need to get hit capped. If your hit is low and taunts are frequently failing to hit you can glyph for it. Expertise is a threat stat. Shoot for 26 which will remove dodges from bosses. Just like hit, expertise helps but is not required, although many people on the forums feel it necessary to have a minimum of 26 expertise. I would not gem for expertise as a tank because you can usually get pretty close to or just over the soft cap with gear. If you are having threat problems it is usually not from lack of expertise or hit but from your rotation.

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    Hit cap is 8%, expertise is 26 rating.

    The actual numbers change based on spec. and faction/racials.
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    well, atleast I read the post!

    Arms hit cap: 263 Hit rating
    Fury hit cap: 164 Hit Rating (assuming 3/3 into percision)

    Arms Expertise cap-26 Expertise (213 rating)
    ***Weapon Mastery effectivly adds 4 points of epertise to your gear per point upto a maximum of 8 expertise. you must subtract the expertise, not the EXPERTISE RATING***

    Fury Expertise Cap: 26 (213 Rating)

    ***Information on Arms expertise cap varies, some people state that you need to be capped all the time, other state that you can ride below the cap to gain other valuable stats. Being under expertise cap as Fury WILL RESULT IN DPS LOSS.

    NOTE: if you do choose to drop below the expertise cap as Arms, you need to move Overpower to the 3rd spot, right behind Rend and Mortal Strike, in your priority rotation.

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    Also Strength of Arms lowers the Arms expertise cap a further 4 points.

    And if you go Fury, note that any racial expertise bonus only applies to attack with *that weapon*. Not a huge deal if you only have the bonus in your MH. But if you only have the expertise bonus in your OH don't even count it.

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    [QUOTE=Muffin Man;394478]Also Strength of Arms lowers the Arms expertise cap a further 4 points.[\QUOTE]

    Incorrect, partially, The expertise is automatically added into your current expertise. so no adding or subtarcting to have to deal with SoA.

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    Forgot about that, but you do have to change the rating you provided =p.

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