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Thread: Concerning tier bonuses and other pieces of gear - worth it?

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    Concerning tier bonuses and other pieces of gear - worth it?

    Hi everyone,

    This will probably end up being a bit messy (edit: yes it did!) so please feel free to ask if you want me to elaborate or if you're getting confused.

    I'm in a kinda love/hate situation here - Ghoul Commander's Cuirass just dropped from Lady Deathwhisper and was fortunate enough to win it. Meanwhile, during that run I'd gotten enough Emblems of Frost to buy Gauntlets of the Kraken. So what's the problem you might think? Certainly upgrades for my T9.5 chestpiece and T9 gloves.
    Thing is, I'm not sure whether I wan't to save my emblems for Ymirjar Lord's Breastplate and hope that Ymirjar Lord's Handguards drops off Toravon in VoA.

    I have thought of 3 possible scenarios here:

    A) I buy Gauntlets of The Kraken and trash my T9.5 chest for the Cuircass (destroying the set bonus, is it as good as I'm being told? Certainly 5% increased dmg on Devastate can't be that good) and never regret it. T10 gloves never drops in VoA and I can live on happily ever after.

    B) I wait for the gloves to drop off Toravon and when they finally do, I have saved up enough emblems to couple the gloves with the T10 chestpiece and I'm ecstatic to get the 4 set-bonus (how beneficial is that anyway?), never using the Cuircass in the first place.

    C) I hold on to my emblems, use the Cuircass - breaking the T9 set bonus - and hope for the T10 gloves to drop in VoA. Now in this scenario, there are two possibilities: 1) The gloves drop and I'll buy the T10 chestpiece which brings us back to the outcome of scenario B, OR 2) After countless weeks of farming, I have yet to see the T10 gloves drop (except from when I'm in VoA on my Death Knight of course - Then they'd probably constantly) so I run crying back to Dalaran and decide to buy either Gauntlets of the Kraken or Cataclysmic Chestguard - Which one do I go for? Keep in mind that the two items upgrades from the Cuircass and the T9 gloves.

    Link to my armory as it currently looks (any additional comments on my gear would be wicked!)

    Am I simply worrying too much?

    Kind regards,

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    Cataclysmic Chestguard > T10 chest (up until 264/277 level)

    Gauntlets of the Kraken > T10 Gloves (up until 264/277 level)

    Have a good look at the gear available to you, I don't recommend any T10 unless you upgrade it immediately... it just isn't that much better.
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    Meh, might be right... however, I'd like some opinions on the 4-set bonus, as I'm not sure whether to go for it or not. Obviously, in terms of sheer numbers, the 264 I can buy from EoF is better. But numbers can be deceiving!

    Any more inputs?
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    I said this in another thread but here ya go:

    264 Badge Items + Pillars of Might > x4 Tier 251 items with a bonus
    264 Badge Items + Pillars of Might = x4 Tier 264 items with a bonus
    264 Badge Items + Pillars of Might < x4 Tier 277 items with a bonus

    Since the DPS/Healing classes have way better bonuses than I do as a warrior, it benefits our guild progression as a whole more by passing to them. I will eventually get my tokens later. At this time me surviving is not an issue.
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    BiS would equal Head + Shoulders + Chest + Gloves 277 + Pillars of might. Add in the cloak and badge belt usually. Though I'm seeing some tanks using the 277 blood prince belt and cloak with the extra stamina on it.
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