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Thread: New Guild - Need advice

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    New Guild - Need advice

    So, after some time after RL issues, I am willing to buy myself WoW.

    I used to play a bit and see a lot of some old friends (who now have quit WoW), so I consider myself at least knowing the few basics. I also read a lot of theorycrafting on forums (this and ej mostly).

    I have other RL friends that are not as experienced in WoW as the ones who helped me learn the game, and I plan to join them since they are the only RL friends I have in WoW these days.
    I already talked to them about it, and I was wondering: I would like to get a tankable class. The guild is the following: http://www.wowarmory.com/guild-info....er+of+Tirisfal

    We are planning on making a 10man group. So far, the group consists of:
    - 1 paladin (holy/ret)
    - 1 paladin (prot/ret)
    - 1 druid (feral)
    - 1 shaman (resto/ele)
    - 1 priest (shadow/disc)
    - 1 hunter (MM/BM)
    - 1 lock (not sure, has no prior wow exp, first char)

    This makes up for 7 of the "core" people. My girlfriend would join as priest (disc/holy) or shaman (resto/enh), though she is willing more to join as shaman. Add me and we get 9 - and get one random from pug.

    I was wondering what classes would be best for me to play. I was thinking firstly DK, the rune system + rp seems quite fun to play. But then I realized: we got no Sunder Armor. So I changed plans to play Warrior. The new rage change system for Cata made me think for a while though.

    What do you guys think? If I go DK how much will we be hindered by not having Sunder Armor?

    Also, out of those chars, what are the best specs to make for the best buff/debuff combinations for raiding?

    Thanks in advance for reading this whole wall-of-text!

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    Sorry to not answer your actual question, but you might asked the wrong

    It looks alot like the guild im in now, who consists of former raiders from the hardcore guild we were in and some RL friends and funny, mature people who just joined for a laugh over the last few years.

    We often struggled to get 10, hence our slowgression, still only 9/12 normal 10m. But we dont care. We have fun together.
    We often raid with 3 Enh Shaman (only one beeing able to get some good dps out as ele), our main healers are both druids.
    What i mean is, you either push it to the limit or stay that way. Pushing it can make people angry who didn´t know whats raiding before. Get someone who doesnt mind waiting for everyone climbing that hill with a high learning curve.

    Again, sorry if i missunderstood, but since Vanilla ive seen so many guilds struggling, on switching from beeing a friendly place to be to a raiding guild, casual or not.

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    I have to agree with Binford, a lot depends on what your goal is. My guild is casual with a push for progression, but not at a loss of friendship. Our raids have a very non optimal makeup, and we move slowly but slowly forward.

    Looking at your current makeup any tanking class would do so play what you like, also there is no need for two priests if your girlfriend wants to run a sham. Now as for the last spot, I would try and go with a raw DPS class, such as a Mage or a Rogue.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the responses! I also considered that - last spot should be a Mage or Rogue.

    I was in fact considering I could play them, if I didn't like to tank, and my (now) fiancée likes to play MY healer =)

    Seeing all those cata changes... waiting for DKs changes to come too. They are lowering sunder armor for warriors, something that would make me less concerned about not having that buff in the raid.

    But most new things from warrior (heck from all classes so far) sound quite nice!

    Btw, just some background info:
    Those guys were newcomers when I was in university. They were from the same year of my younger bro, so I got to be friend to a lot of them (same interests, etc)... Now after I grad and got a job I had to move away. I will be in their guild, with them. The main intent is just to keep in touch and not lose contact - and playing is a funny way to do that too!

    I have already talked to some other guys in a really good raiding guild there, and they are OK for bringing me and my fiancée with them - not on the core, but on the 10m runs, as fillers, with alts, etc!

    That should provide me the experience to at least see the bosses. I'm not aiming to be in a top HM finishing realm-first guild. I won't have the time. I will stick to my friends =)
    At least I've talked to them, and they are willing to learn and start climbing that hill. And we are ok with us all climbing together, waiting for the slowest. This is how it was in our RPG table, and this is ok for us =)

    Any tips on starting to get those guys raiding more seriously are welcome!

    I've already pointed them here, elitistjerks and bosskillers, for a start.

    Thanks again for the help people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enricobr View Post
    So I changed plans to play Warrior. The new rage change system for Cata made me think for a while though.
    The beta isen't even up yet and their plans for cata might change any second. Me myself love playing warrior & i've got 1 of each class except DK wich isen't a real class imo =D (They start at lvl 55..too easy ;P )

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    for maxing de/buffs try tools like this http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/ (sorry if there are any on TS)

    for the guild itself, try to get more than 10, most likely one or 2 will be offline, even if you find the "perfect" day where everyone can join. We have 13 for slowgression, but only do that 2 nights, and its hard to get 10 sometimes, noone is forced to come, noone would complain about slackers

    EVERY guild need some rules. We do not take one of the other 20 members when we know they´ll only do 3k or wanna tank in 25kHP gear. they know this, they are happy with that, as they know if they really want, they will get the help to be capable of raiding, be it class specific help or farming gear, pointing out those useful bossbill videos and whatnot.

    be organzied, even if you know eachother RL, specially if you struggle to find #10 outside of the game
    small forum to organize raid days and whatnot. you could even make a facebook group for members only

    be honest! you can do /trade recruitment, but be very clear about your goals, and make sure possible new members understood it before joining!
    nothing worse could happen that the server community doesnt like you cos you recruited imature kids who didnt understand why you are still wiping on marrowgar next month, leaving you and tell everyone what noobs you are!!11oneeleven
    ofc open minded people will not believe gossip, but we are talking about 12mio addicts here

    be honest to yourself! while our small team can kill everything cos we work together instead of blaming you´ll still need some time. plan for the future. Gear is easy to get now, you could be at saurfang next week if you just hit 80, if you farm that much. But gear isnt everything.
    so if you really wanna start something to see more than hcs on a regular basis, keep in mind that it can go up and down alot, speacially at the start. We needed 3 months to kill 1st 4 plus Fester+Rot in 2 nights, but since we know the place now (and, as i just joined, get to know the people i didnt know from hm guild before) we kill everything but sindy+lk the first night. Now we know it will be 2 weeks of wiping on LK, but we dont care
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