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Thread: Holy Priest Haste to Crit Ratio

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    Holy Priest Haste to Crit Ratio

    Hello TankSpot,
    I've been playing a holy priest for awhile now and I've come across a few questions as I start to enter Icecrown 10
    1. I feel like I have to much Crit compared to Haste, and I don't gem for either
    2. Which items should I buy first with my frost emblems
    3. With my current gear how much HPS should I be able to achieve
    4. Is there anything else I'm doing wrong (talents,glyphs,gems,enchants,gearing,ect.)
    My armory Link-http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Baelgun&cn=Avios

    Thanks in advance!
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    Your haste and crit are fine.

    I'd probably go after a new cloak first. The spirit one is nice, you'd lose a little haste but meh.

    How much HPS you're capable of depends on the fight, your playstyle, and how good your other healers are, among many other factors. I can't give you a number, but your gear is pretty good so you should be alright.

    I would replace Ring of the Darkmender with the badge ring (spirit > mp5). I'd also recommend Darkglow to your back (frees up some mana so you can replace a few int gems) and Tuskarr's to boots (that movespeed can save your butt quite often). Otherwise, looking pretty good.

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    Thank you very much I took your all your advice and it seems to be working well, I've gotten some new gear from ICC 10 and it has evened out my haste and crit more. However I currently have 580 haste (17.69%) would it be worth it to gem 12sp+10haste over 12sp+10int gems to lower my GCD?

    thanks tons Av

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