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Thread: Unholy DK - should I be gemming to reach 26 expertise?

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    Unholy DK - should I be gemming to reach 26 expertise?

    My DK, Baene, recently hit 80. I've been gearing her up in normal and heroic ICC 5 mans, with triumph emblems and whatever I can buy (come next Darkmoon Faire I'll be able to get the Greatness strength card, for instance.)

    My original plan was to get only the 2piece T9 since the 245 triumph emblem shoulders and headpiece are better than the of Conquest versions I can get of the T9 (and I have the crafted ToC chest).

    But in looking this list over, I have noticed that I will be significantly short the expertise cap ( I will only have the 5 flat expertise from talents, plus 55 expertise rating from a ring and the glove enchant). I would have to sacrifice a handful of strength gems to even attempt to reach the cap through gemming. This doesn't seem worth it but I don't know how necessary hitting this cap is, compared to my other king stats like strength and crit and hit.

    The only other option I can see is to use Thassarian's Helmet of Conquest instead of
    Helm of Thunderous Rampage. It's an ilvl decrease but a good chunk of expertise. AND if that's worth getting, should I just go ahead and buy Thassarian's Shoulderplates of Conquest instead of Pauldrons of Trembling Rage for the 4p T9 bonus?

    I'd appreciate any and all help! Thanks in advance.

    Additional notes:

    I refuse to pug normal HoR for the 2H sword with expertise from the Lich King (I ran it about 25 times to get the cloak and had the worst luck with tanks and healers dropping after the first two bosses).

    I am currently using Crusader's Locket (which does give me more than enough expertise on proc) but I will be replacing it with the Greatness card.

    I am not done farming for the gear yet, so my armory link does not give a completely clear picture. I still need Painfully Sharp Choker, Bloodshed Band, The Lady's Promise, Grinning Skull Boots, and Tyrannical Beheader (possibly).

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    Basically, hit rating = expertise rating
    Being low on either stat will be a huge DPS loss.

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    So if I get the third T9 piece for the expertise, is it worth it downgrading my fourth piece a bit for the 4piece bonus?

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    According to elitist jerk for an unholy DK stats weight are.

    Stat Weights

    T8/T9 Content: Hit > Strength > Crit Rating > ArP >= Expertise > Haste > Agility
    T10 Content: Hit > Strength > ArP > Crit > Haste > Expertise > Agility

    ArP has always scaled amazingly well with itself, which is part of the reason why, up until now, Unholy has been in Blood's shadow (at least in terms of single target dps). Now that the majority of Unholy's damage is affected by it, thanks to Scourge Strike, this scaling applies to us as well, making it a much more attractive stat.

    Haste has decreased moderately in value due to the fact that our rotation is no longer GCD limited as it was in 3.2.2. The main reason haste used to be of such worth was due to it reducing the spell GCD, which in terms helped alleviate the GCD limitations of the spec, for large gains in dps. With Epidemic and Reaping we now have numerous empty GCDs, and thus all haste does is increasing our (and our petís) white damage, making it a decent, but unspectacular stat.

    Aside from that, the general order of the weights are relatively unchanged. And, as such, the following are the currently theorized stat weights for Unholy DKs:

    T9 bonuses are included in the iLvl 245/258 weights (TotC) and T10 in the iLvl251/264/277 weights (ICC), to best simulate the realities of those tiers. In addition, a non-Reaping build/rotation is utilized in the ilvl 245/258 set weights, while a Reaping build/rotation are utilized in the others, to best reflect what's most optimal at those gear points.
    Stat iLvl 245/258 iLvl 251/258 iLvl 264 iLvl 277 Attack Power 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00Strength 3.06 3.03 3.03 3.01Crit Rating 2.16 1.95 2.10 2.23ArP Rating 2.01 2.25 2.49 2.92Expertise Rating 1.63 1.72 1.77 1.93Haste Rating 1.75 1.93 2.01 2.09Agility 1.55 1.36 1.48 1.58MeleeHit (<8%) 3.62 3.75 3.92 4.34SpellHit (8%-11%) 0.60 0.60 0.62 0.67WeaponDPS 6.67 7.21 7.42 7.86WeaponSpeed 25.55 26.56 29.41 33.29Armor 0.028 0.028 0.028 0.028

    Here is the link: http://elitistjerks.com/f72/t72364-u...out_about_you/

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    Yes, I've read the unholy guide on EJ (it's really well done and thorough). My interpretation of that was that hit capped, and with as much ArP as I'll have, lacking expertise won't hugely effect my dps (aka I shouldn't be gemming for it or going out of my way for it). Four other stats come before it, which generally means you should only be finding it on gear. But my question is about if the gear is lacking, should you be doing something more to make up for it or forget about the stat.

    I understand that expertise is like a second hit stat for melee and I know of sources like EJ. But I am still unsure whether or not I should specifically be gemming for it (or, for example, eating the exp buff food instead of the strength buff food).

    I put a lot of information in the first post to try to get a more specific answer.

    Thank you for the responses, though.

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