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Thread: Looking for some advice

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    Here are some pointers for getting your haste up, and I am sorry you spent some emblems on equipment that is not going to help you in your haste quest. Try these
    Gloves = Gloves of False Gestures (Frost Emblems i264) yes they are cloth, but + 64 haste and with 2 yellow sockets you get the bonus!
    Pants = I cant remember the name Pantaloons of Failing light or something like that from from JAx in ToC25 have uber haste (mail ones drop too that have haste AND MP5!)
    Ring = Band of the Invoker (Triumph Badges) yes it has spirit, but it has nice SP AND haste!
    Trinket = Ephemeral Snowflake (Heroic HoR) gives better MP5 than either of your current trinkets.
    Trinket = Talisman of Resurgence should be a staple for any holy pally
    Chest = Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate (Mail Crafted w Crusader Orbs) HASTE + SP + MP5 + 3 Sockets = win!
    Neck = Arcane Loops of Anger ( Heroic FoS ) more haste! Surfang drops a nice one on 10 man ICC as well
    Bracers = Sunforged Bracers (Crusader Orbs Crafted) HASTE + MP5+ SP + socket bonus!
    Helm = Ice-Reinforced Vrykul Helm (drops from 10 man ICC off the Boat) again with the haste/MP5/SP and another socket bonus!

    I know some of this gear is NOT Plate, for now you do not need to wear plate (looks like it will change in Cat). Lots of Shammy healy gear is better for you so keep your eyes open for mail (and get those cloth gloves!)

    Gem INT the whole way and get those chants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulia View Post
    If you go for 4pc t10 (hover: ||||) with the exclusion of the leggings (you can get the crafted ones or a drop in ICC), there is 206 haste rating on the gear. Which, looking at your gear, is a gain of 139 haste rating.

    If you only go for the 2pc t10, grab the head and the chest, which gives you: 143 haste. Then grab the badge gloves, which gives you 64 more haste rating.

    No matter which route you go, grab the crafted leggings another 92 haste.

    4pc t10 would this give you 231 haste rating.

    The alternative route gives you 299 haste rating.

    Edit: If the crafted leggings are too rich for your blood, the Corrupted Silverplate Leggings off of Lord Marrowgar 10 are almost as good, you're only losing about 5 points of haste (and some other stats, but we're just talking about haste here).

    I made an entire post on how our fellow Paladin could up her haste, and all of the gear is plate. I'm not entirely certain what in my post you think is misleading or misinformative. However, a number of the items you posted are sort of outdated for anyone that gets to run ICC on a regular basis.

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    1st off, if you are talking to me, I never said that your post was misleading or misinformative I didnít even read your post or call it out. I was responding to the original question with gear because itís not the technique that is wrong here. This is a public forum where many people have many different opinions you have been around here long enough and should know that.

    My opinion is that pally healers do NOT need to wear plate. Youíre a healer, you should not be getting hit, PERIOD all that armor rating is wasted. If your regen was based on your armor rating then yes I would say always wear plate, but itís not. If a priest can survive wearing cloth, so can a pally.

    As to outdated gear, I have put up some easy pieces to get and use for an immediate boost in haste over what the pally in question is wearing. Yes ICC gear is better, but if people are dying and they are not progressing he will never get that gear because the boss will never die! I am assuming this person doesnít want to spend a bunch of frost emblems they donít have to get immediate results. The ICC gear I did recommend is gear that can easily be gained from the fist 4 bosses, which he has obviously cleared based on where he is currently stuck. On top of that, it might take weeks or even months to get the gear he wants out of ICC. I have killed Saurfang 7 or 8 times now and still havenít seen the pally neck drop.

    To your point, yes your suggestion on the surface is better ... for haste. I think that is being near sited (my opinion). When recommending gear the other major stats should be taken into account. For example

    Your suggested Chest is the T10 over my "outdated" Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate. First off, mine is a lot more affordable than yours. Second off, mine has better stats than yours even being a lower iLev.

    Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate
    +103 STA
    +103 Int
    3 Gem Slots (+60 INT w epics slotted)
    +66 haste
    +131 SP
    +45 MP5

    Lightsworn Tunic
    +109 STA
    +109 INT
    2 Gem slots (+40 int with Epics)
    +96 Crit
    +80 Haste
    +149 SP

    with Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate you GAIN +14 INT and GAIN 45 MP5 you miss out on 19 SP 14 haste and 96 crit.

    Being that mana and movement are his problems, the Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate is optimal, crit is way down on a holy pallys list of stats (im not going to call it worthless like some). Most holy pallys look for
    Yes they lose 14 haste, but that will be mostly made up on other gear.

    SP and Crit are at the bottom and easily expendable (usually wasted on overheal) if you can get a decent boost in another key area.

    Gloves of False Gestures
    +92 STA
    +92 INT
    2 Yellow sockets (+40 int with epics) +7SP w bonus
    80 crit
    64 haste
    122 SP

    Gauntlets of Overexposure
    +92 STA
    +92 INT
    2 sockets yellow and red (+40 int with epics) +7SP w bonus
    80 crit
    64 haste
    122 SP
    Mine +7SP for the socket bonus

    Ice-Reinforced Vrykul Helm
    97 STA
    103 INT
    Meta + Yellow = +9SP socket
    88 Haste
    149 SP
    43 MP5

    Light Sworn Headpiece
    Meta + red
    88 Crit
    80 Haste
    140 SP
    -6INT -12 STA -88 Crit +8 Haste +18 SP + 43MP5

    In total here are the Ups and Downs of wearing my suggestions over yours
    +6 SP +7INT +88MP5 -6 Haste Ė 12STA -184 Crit
    (I am using the same T10 shoulder you have and am taking into account your nightmare tear is in that red socket to get the bonus)
    With the 4 pieces you have chosen vs the 4 I have chosen, the major loss stat is 184 Crit. Most of the time our extra crit just goes to over heal, I would rather have more mana than more crit. That said the + 88 MP5 is a way better investment. Being able to cast 1.3 second HL is pointless if you do not have the mana or the mana regen to keep up with it. The 6 haste you lose is minor compared to the mana and the mana regen you gain, and it is still a huge haste upgrade to where our pally friend is now.
    Mail healing gear most of the time will have MP5 and Haste and SP on it plus yellow sockets. All things you want as a pally.

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    I don't think I suggested that non-plate gear was inferior to plate, I simply said that all of the gear I offered was plate, because you seemed to suggest that plate gear was, for some reason, inferior. It does happen from time to time, since Paladins can wear any armor type, that you will run across a few different pieces of other armor types which have better stats than the Blizzard designated "plate" healing gear, especially since Blizzard has seemed to be way off on itemization for a little while.

    My suggestions were based on items that, for the most part, could be gained without having to worry about drops. Drops don't happen a lot of the time, and you can run a raid every week and never see a particular item drop. Meanwhile, you'll be stockpiling Frost Emblems, you might as well do something with them. The basic assumption I made was that this healer needed more haste. I wasn't particularly worried about Spellpower or Intellect, because, if we're talking about gear of the same tier, the differences are generally minor or disguised by sockets. Crit vs Mp5 is very minor to me. Obviously Mp5 is generally better than Crit, but if we're trying to quickly build a worthwhile, affordable set, then I'm not going to worry about whether or not it has more Crit than Mp5.

    I'm willing to bet that more times than not, someone could grab the pieces I suggested, long before they would have all the pieces that you suggested. Their luck would have to be exceptional. Here is where I took offense:

    I am sorry you spent some emblems on equipment that is not going to help you in your haste quest

    Now, in hindsight, this could have referred to their current gear as opposed to my suggestions. However, I think it can be quite easily inferred that my suggestions, since they revolve around badge-bought items, could have been cracked at with your suggestion. I made a post with reasonable goals and objectives to build up haste. I think it would be far more constructive to pay mind to posts made in a thread than to come in much later and posting as if no one had possibly posted anything that might have already covered the topic you chose to cover.

    To be clear. I apologize for any harshness that might be seen in either of my posts. My intention is not to dissuade others from offering advice, rather, I dislike seeing things which could be construed as trashing the advice of others. I see far too much of it in online communities and it's upsetting to watch. When someone puts their time and effort into giving advice, there's no reason to trash it, and, if, for some reason, the advice is badly misinformed, there are respectful ways of going about offering alternatives.

    There may be a somewhat harsh tone even in this post, in response to your own most recent one. You made comments which specifically pointed out "issues" with my post, likely provoked by my own post, but still not needed, especially given the points that I do make in this post. I would rather see advice given and used than two people who obviously know their stuff conflicting over minor points, so hopefully we can come to some agreement in that area.
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    I agree, and apologize for my harshness as well. I have spent a lot of time and research in looking for the best possible gear for pally healers from noob 80 up to hard core raider (again in my opinion) and I like to pass any and all I have learned onto others so they don't have to dig as far or as long as I have.

    I looked further and read your intro to holy pally guide, you defiantly have read and researched and even made the same comparison between MP5 and Crit that I had above. Your advice was a good solution and solid advice. I think I am quick to go off on a tangent because of the number of pallys I see giving advice that have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Everyone seems to think that Holy Pallys are one click monkeys and that their grandma could play the class successfully. Well, we are at least two click monkeys and there is a lot more that goes into the gear and spell abilities to make you successful. I am glad to see this forum has an extremely knowledgeable pally able to dispense advice.

    I am sorry you spent some emblems on equipment that is not going to help you in your haste quest

    When I said that I was referring to the gear that was already purchased that did not have any haste on it. Not the gear that you had suggested.

    I do still think it would be easier for him to get 245 crafted chest before spending hard earned frosties on the 251 one, but again, we can agree to disagree.

    Thank you for your professional response and taking the high road. I look forward to helping other healers on this forum and hopefully a spirited debate here and there.

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