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Thread: Battle Rez Management

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    Battle Rez Management

    For the whole of WotLK (didn't lead in BC) till now I've been leading my guild through 10 man content and we've usually only ever had our single 'Doomkin' Druid in the raid, so it's not been an issue assigning when/who to Brez.

    But recently we've started a Co-op ICC25s with another guild and it's been left in my hands to lead. One of the bigger hurdles I've having issues with is assigning multiple battle rezes and managing them as we tend to have anywhere from 4-5 Druids in the raid.

    Didn't know if there was any standard raiding method used for handling Rebirth, to keep track of who's Brez is available and a good way to set a rotation up which can be called out over vent or some such.


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    Your solution is an addon. Back in BC I used Ora2, which had a cool down frame to track who had a battle rez available. It has since been updated to Ora3. Since I only raid lead 10 mans these days I have no need for it and I'm sure there are other mods that help you track battle rez timers.

    However this is the one I would recommend: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...4635-oRA3.html
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    Not only a timer - but also an order on who uses the BR first - resto druids, balance, kitty, then bear. The timer will tell you who has burnt theirs but this will make them watch for deaths - and you could also assign 1 person to call out brs. Depends on how you want to handle it.

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    DBM also has some raid lead tools that can track Battle Rez nowadays.

    I would recommend that you get everyone who *can* BR to make a rez macro that spams the fact they're doing it to raid chat - otherwise you get situations where 3 druids rez the same person.
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    As a raiding feral tank battle rez and innervate are not as good as they could be for the raid. Almost every fight now though has some sort of transition that you can cast them on, in fact the only one who does not is council which I just ask for a GS when I want to innervate (I never try to battle rez on that fight). If one of those phases is coming up, always let the tank do it.

    LM: bone storm
    LDW: between add waves and during tank transitions in phase 2
    gunship: depends on the side but both have plenty of time
    DB: tank transitions
    rotface: slime spray (need to be quick for this one)
    fest: tank transitions
    putricide: 80 and 35%
    blood queen: flight phase
    dreamwalker: between add spawns
    sindragosa: flight phases and tank transitions in phase 3
    LK: raging phases or if you are taunting soul repears (JUST WAIT TILL IT ACTUALLY EXPLODES TO SHIFT OUT go watch my 10 man video lol)

    If these phases are remotely close to occurring and it is a DPS who died, than wait and let the bear tank do the rez.

    Otherwise, always let the boomkin rez first, soulstone all your resto druids every attempt they have a rez up and never waste a rez on a resto druid unless they die twice in one fight (in which case you may not want to rez them) and instantly rez any other healer if they die.

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