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Thread: switch realm, recruitment problems

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    switch realm, recruitment problems

    hello all

    i'm part of the... yeah... i think we should call it; leadership of a small 10-man raiding guild on a low pop eu-realm. the guild was build simultaneously to the wotlk release and consisted mainly of reallife friends.
    since many old guildmates quit wow und we have to recruit to fill their spots we have noticed that it seems much, much harder to recruit on a small realm (some of us came from a "middle-pop" realm) and because of our small pool of raiders we are not as strong in the contet as we could (icc10 11/12 at this time)

    (uhm... wall of bad english, i apologize)

    so, we have planned to switch over to a bigger realm - and here comes my question:

    are we right?
    a larger pool of raiders = more potential member ?
    what a realm would you advise us ?

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    There's good and bad for where you are now and for higher populated realm:

    Where you are now, you have the opportunity to build a guild slowly and build a reputation easily.. if you're patient. With a lot less raiders around, you'll have to get in people with less experience and build them up.
    Positive: opportunity to build a guild with a reputation that will attract raiders
    Negative: less raiders available on realm with more patience needed to nurture raiders

    With a higher pop realm you have the reverse:
    Positive: more experienced raiders available without the need to train them
    Negative: have to compete with bigger guilds that have a bigger raiding reputation

    It's up to you which of the negatives you can deal with personally and as a guild.
    We are currently recruiting..

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