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Thread: New Raider

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    New Raider

    This is my first post so bear with me. I've managed to get to 80 a few weeks ago for the first time with my prot pally Durek Rivendare. I realy enjoy my guild. I am tring to get a regular raid group together but our guild lacks exp raiding and when ever i pug to find out more about raids i want to do with my guild no one explains how its supposed to happen even when asked. your vids have beeof great help but im a hands on type of guy. do you have any suggestions on how to get more exp. raiding

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    You raid.


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    I would suggest watching the Project Marmot videos (on the Project Marmot forums on this site) to get a good idea of any encounters that you might face in raiding. Knowing the tactics is half the battle and would certainly be expected by PUGs.

    Other than that, it is just a case of going out there and getting experience by doing it.
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    i recently got my guild into raiding and the first thing we did was aim low
    goto nax and OS
    get your group to learn to work together
    make sure you or someone else knows every last inch of the encounter an the tactics

    we did this an it gave everyone a lot of confidence to move on
    there doesnt seem to be a lot of help for people moving into the raiding scene now
    everyone just assumes that we can all roll into toc/icc an do it with our eyes closed

    ive been in enough toc pugs to know this is the biggest myth going

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    thank you for your imput im tring to raid as much as i can and am learning lots and the vids have been a big help.
    I have started taking my guild through nax and aov learning to work together. Im tring to stay ahead of them in raids so i get aleast an idea of what actualy happens when we get there. i have no desire to go charging head long into icc or toc. As aresult im finding my self looking for ret gear and learning to play dps instead of mt to get another veiw and may respec to holy after that to see how a healer has to play it out. So i have a lot of research on my hands.... Lol. on top of this im tring to setup a dkp system.

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    It's good to see that you're trying out different roles for better perspective. Smart move.

    Don't attempt to do too much by yourself. Get someone you trust and can rely on, to help you with details. It's too easy to get so involved in EVERYTHING yourself, that you tend to lose focus or even miss out on details.
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    Just to second Acheronia's point.

    Most certainly do not do everything yourself. I'm finding myself in this situation now after running a guild for over 3 years and I'm pretty close to burning out.

    If you've done a few raids then you'll start to see the personalities and skills of the people in the raid group. Get yourself some people to help share the workload. Perhaps not as much as one officer per class if you are starting off, have a lead for each role; healing; tanking; melee dps; ranged dps perhaps to begin with. They don't have to know every single thing about every class under them, more to help co-ordinate in raids and report back to your raid leader.

    Staying ahead of your encounters is a great practice. It's one thing to watch a video, but another to actually 'be' there. Also, don't take the Marmot videos (as good as some of them are) as gospel-we-must-do-it-this-way-or-die. Look at it more as a starting point from which to develop your guild's way of doing it. If something isn't working, be open to suggestions and be prepared to change a tactic.

    As for DKP, it's horses for courses. Have a look on wowwiki, if I remember there's a page with commonly used loot systems.

    Just a personal note as well. If you are intending to raid lead then it's a lot easier if you are playing as some kind of ranged role, in your case a healer. I've played as MT/OT/Healer/MDPS/DPS and out of those roles, I've found healing gives me the opportunity to see whats going on. Of course, your mileage may vary.

    Best of luck though.
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    So I'm going to try and plan my raid nights at least to weeks in advance so i can run the nexts weeks raids the week before this should give me the chance to exp. first hand. the down side to this is i have to finnd somone to explain it to me NOT ALWAYS EASY. as for the different positions learning to play them is proving to be a bit of a change lol but it is easier to see things from the outside. As for the DKP ive looked at wowwiki and am putting it together its more of a side project as the group that i run with will give an item up those of lower gs that need it in the group sort of a guild first policy we are only as strong as our weakest link. and we converse openly about what gears or spec is better for each person and if need be do research on the topic.

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