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Thread: Fury, couple questions

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    Fury, couple questions


    I'm going to be getting 60 frosts soon, and was planning on getting T10 shoulders. I'm a bit unsure about it, though, as statwise 245 T9 to 251 T10 is a marginal upgrade. Is the T10 2-pc set bonus better than the T9 2-pc?

    Also, does anyone have suggestions for other changes I might make? I'm currently waiting on Ramaladni's Blade of Culling to drop, or for my guild to down Fester and Rotface in 25 man so I can get Shadow's Edge. Ramaladni's would actually put me at 100% ArP, which would be awesome.

    About what DPS should I be doing in my gear? This week in 25 ICC, I did 9k on Marrowgar, almost 8k on Deathwhisper, 8.5k on Saurfang and 10k on Festergut. Is that close to optimal for my gear setup, or might I be able to do a bit more?

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    Your first question is really something only a spreadsheet will answer: http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t37462-w...n_spreadsheet/ - I just went through a similar process of planning for my offspec set and found it not to be worth dropping 2xT9 just yet, but this depends a lot on your current gear and access to upgrades (especially tier tokens).

    Given your limited access to 25 man gear (if you haven't cleared plague yet) I'd say your numbers and gear look pretty good.

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