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Thread: Do I fail at healing?

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    Do I fail at healing?

    Hey all. I'd like to get your input on something. Today I was healing Festergut 10 man regular with my guild. We wiped... a LOT. It was because people weren't getting enough heals. People were just dieing from the normal damage, and not through errors like not getting enough of the stacks from the spores. I tried tank healing first on my disc spec, and tanks died then. Then, when we got another disc priest in the group, I went with my holy spec and dps died when I went in to my holy spec. This is wierd, cause I haven't ran in to the before, I usually heal well. I'm wondering if i can improve my healing, or mabe I'm just not cut out for it. Here's what I do when I heal.
    When I raid heal, I spam CoH, PoM, Flash heal when its only one person i have to heal, and PoH when its most of the people in the group.
    When I tank heal, I use bubble as much as I can, use penance on CD and when the tank has below his max health, and use Flash heal and PoM when I cant use penance or bubble.
    Mabe my gear or specs are the problem. Here's my armory, if you want to take the time and look at it.

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    The thing with Festergut is that the damage done switches between raid and tank. Every time he inhales, the raid damage decreases, but the tank will take more damage. Considering it is a constant aura, you could try with some Renews or Shields(if other healer is a sham or pala) instead of Flash Heals. For tank healing I can't say anything is going wrong specificly with your spells.
    As for talents I would personally advise to take Healing Focus.

    I think the major problem is your strategy.
    Are you using cooldowns on the tank at 3 stacks? PS/wings + Shield Wall can last him through that phase just fine.
    Are you getting 1 Spore out so the raid damage is spread? Max aura + 2 Spores all together can kill with any healer.
    Are your tanks moving behind him when not tanking? Fester can Parry Haste, which can kill a tank really fast. Might be a minor thing, but it does help, if not just for the DPS lost getting Parried.
    Are you just putting healers fixed on tank or raid? Our strategy has always been 1 focus on tank, 1 on raid and 1 healer to heal whatever is needed, depending on the inhales.
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    For tank healing this fight, you need to spam heal during phase 3 - just keep mashing Flash Heal until either Penance or PoM come up, or you can bubble again. Your disc spec has a few talents I would change - Absolution is worthless, and I'd recommend Healing Focus and Desperate Prayer. Desperate Prayer is basically a supercharged reusable health pot for one measly point, and Healing Focus helps a lot on fights like Festergut where there is a lot of AoE damage and with it pushback. http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bVcbuhhVRIsffRtbezc is the spec I use and recommend for disc priesting.

    I'm not very experienced with holy, however this fight seems to play to a Renew spec's strength. Since you have a disc spec for tank healing, I would just completely switch over your holy spec to Renew based spec. http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bVcbhZfvzcbMqihhsuAo is what I used to use for my dual spec, I may be off with a few talent choices (again, discie here) but that should give you a general guide.

    3/3 Empowered Renew should be obvious, Test of Faith is fantastic for these kinds of fights where people are dipping below 50% fairly often. Improved Healing is not needed for a pure raid heal spec, because you won't be using GHeal very often if at all.

    You should also probably have the CoH glyph, having that hit a sixth person is fantastic.

    Your gear itself is pretty good, but your gemming is a mess. Never gem crit or mp5 - intellect is your main mana stat, and spellpower is your main throughput stat. It's OK to use purple or green int/spirit or sp/spirit gems for blue sockets for Holy, but gemming full spirit is a waste. It can be difficult to build a good set to fit both specs, but I would err on the side of caution with gemming and aim for a nice chunk of intellect. Better to have too much mana in disc spec than not enough in holy spec - you go OOM, you can't do anything at all. You should also be using Insightful Earthsiege Diamond for a meta, it returns a whole ton of mana. I'd also recommend the Tuskarr's boot enchant, which doesn't directly contribute to your healing but is fantastic for whenever you have to move (which happens quite often, I recommend some sort of move speed boost to any raider).

    One thing I do when switching between disc and holy, is switch out trinkets. In Disc spec I use Eye of the Broodmother and Purified Lunar Dust, and for Holy I usually pair PLD with Spark of Hope (I sometimes had to switch out PLD for Talisman of Resurgence just because my mana pool was getting hit so hard). If you have a few trinkets available to you, it gives you some more flexibility in gemming. Just an aside.

    These are the changes I'd recommend. I can't tell you whether you fail at healing or not because there are so very many factors that contribute to a raid's success. You obviously have some weak points to address (but who doesn't).
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    as above there are two mechanics to fight try to find some video on the fight from a healing point of view there are a lot of good one here on tank spot

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    The one thing i have not seen in your rotation is renew, I would definitely add that and throw them as you can, that would be considered proactive healing in my opinion. Not sure how long you have been at the healing thing? You have a couple of enchants that can be upgraded for sure but are acceptable. The one thing I would definitely recommend is doing dailies and I mean every day. Save them frost badges and get your gear from the vendors, that will help out alot for you. I use the following sites to help me in my gearing and gemming issues

    Be Imba - Will tell me about the enchants I need for my toon as well as where I need to concentrate my efforts in
    Maxdps - Rates the gear for me and tells me again where to find it as well as recommends the gems

    In a 10 man raid, there cannot be to many screw ups on the part of healers or like you said and everyone will agree people die. Your raid group could offset this with a 3rd off healer/dps person. My rotation is POM, renew, flash heals, and coh. I will use guardian spirit when the tanks start getting dangerously low, to boost the heals they recieve. you might also want to make sure you have a point in surge of light as it procs alot and is good for instant heals. I am going off of memory here so forgive me for errors but things like Shadowfiend will help with mana regen. Divine Hymm I use as an emergency thing when stuff starts going south. Familiarity I find is my best friend. I use healbot to heal with and becoming familiar with the keboard combos will make you faster.

    I would not worry so much about haste at this point. If you want haste let gear do it for you right now. Imperial Manta steak will give you some. To much haste and you run out of mana. You have more haste than i do and my gear is better than yours. I am just now looking to put more haste on with my only real upgrades coming from icc25.

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    Festergut is similar to Valithria - its a test of healing throughput (as well as a test of DPS output and tank survivability). Its what the old guys would refer to as a gear check. Until you can reach festergut's numbers, you aren't ready for the rest of ICC.

    with that in mind, Festergut is time to play meter hog. Do whatever you can to get the most use out of every GCD. Usually that means prioritizing COH, then POM, then Renew while waiting for CDs to come up. Never stop casting. DOn't fill with flash, you're just going to get sniped. The shaman is busy hitting 4 targets in the same time you can hit one. Fill with renew. Flash on surge procs. POH, although it won't show up on your meters, is really good for catching up when you feel like you're falling behind and someone is going to die. The POH glyph is just icing on that cake.

    Now, ingest all that. Now consider that it is a big fat lie :P

    It is the basics of the fight. Use every GCD as best you can. But, you can also be smart about it. When the blight is all the way out, focus on healing the raid. Get the that raid healing out, pronto! Renew/POM/flash people with low health or just have a penchant for dying. When the blight is all the way in the raid is no long in much danger - but the poor tanks are going to die without cooldowns. Coordinate the use of your cooldowns (the strongest healer cooldowns in the game are PS/GS, in my opinion) with your tanks. Our Paladin tank is addicted to Guardian Spirit. Plan around this and anticipate it.

    When the blight goes back out is a dangerous time because you've been focusing on the tanks and the raid is going to be smacked in the face (with a giant fart, no less!). Try to anticipate this, and have renews out and ticking when it hits, and a full serendipity stack ready to back up a POH on a group full of squishies/spore failures.

    That's about it - Fester is about two things - Hot, nasty throughput, and anticipation.

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    What everyone is saying is true, but it could also honestly be your raid setup. Are you stacking with the melee and having like, 3 ranged out of the raid and alternating spores? If you are at range everyone's taking a lot more damage and your getting hit by that nasty throw-up debuff, can't remember what it's called...
    This fight is cake once you get up there in your GS, just make sure you know when you are switching between raid healing and when the tanks need heavy heals. I love renew, use it constantly, that paired w/POM and COH and the occasional FH are all I do this fight. Maybe GS the tank when he's going to take a lot of dmg.

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    Did the dps die from continuous raid damage, or did they get killed from pulling aggro? As others have said, each time he inhales, raid damage goes down and tank damage goes up.

    From the way your post reads, it sounds like you're using two healers, one on tank and one on raid? If that's the case, I would suggest changing it to three healers, and make sure that as the inhales stack up that you switch healers over to the tanks. Start with one healer on tank, two on raid, at two inhales swap over to two tank healers, and at the third inhale all three spam heal the tank. The first tank swap is going to happen right before the third inhale, though, so be aware of that. Tank swaps are the most likely time for tanks to die due to lack of heals, since even at two inhales the damage intake is very high. By the time the third inhale is up (no gas in the room) there should be no raid damage at all, but the tank will be getting hit for about 17-25k roughly every second or so. The tanks need to use their survival Cooldowns at that point, and external cooldowns are nice as well, like PW:S, etc. Then, when he releases the gas, go back to two raid healers, one tank healer and repeat the process. You'll only get through two 3rd inhales and gas releases before his enrage timer is up.

    What Chalia mentions is important to. You need at least three people at range, because he drops a poison gas cloud (separate from the one in the room) that will destroy your raid if you don't have three ranged spread out.

    ~I made a little diagram, but it didn't map out right... bummer~

    Then, when the spores go out, have the ranged collapse to one of the ranged spots and get the spore dropped on all of them. If both spores come up on the melee, one of the melee will have to run out to the ranged so they get it. If you don't have three ranged dps, make sure one of your healers is out there, since you need three at range to avoid getting the gas dropped right on your melee group.
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    From what ive seen in your armory you need to get +10 to your chest 63 sp to your wepon and replace all your superior gems with epic gems.

    Now some priests will disagree with me on this but I do not use renew very much so i get only one in empowered renew just so that when i do use it it has a chance to crit and proc SoL you shouldnt have blessed ressiliance because if your tank is doing his job you shouldnt get hit get test of faith so if you get rid of 1 in Imp renew and 2 of Emp renew and all of Blessed Ressiliance you have 5 spare talent points you could put into Desperate prayer which is very usefull Test of Faith also very usefull and more so then BR in my view and inner focus also very usefull.

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    I have experienced the same things back when my guild first started getting to fester in both Disc spec tank healing the tanks would die and in Holy the raid would die both situations are fixable by a bit of raid setup, knowing your spells and using cooldowns.

    As some have already said using Disc on tank healing requires the use of pain suppression on the 3th intake along with the tanks own cooldowns one after the other plus since most raid healing should have stopped by this stage all healers should be helping you out.

    As for holy raid healing at first I found some people outside where not getting healed by my CoH or PoH this was because we would normally have 3 people outside standing in a line 10 yards apart so the person on each end would be 20 yards from each other this caused problems with CoH and PoH not reaching the last person if I targeted one on the opposite end, to counter this make sure the people standing out side are in the same party and always try to cast a heal to the center person.

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    How many healers are you using? This is definitely a 3 healer fight though I've seen it done with 2, it was very ugly. A Resto druid or Resto shaman helps with the ticking damage on the raid, or since you're a Priest tossing out some Renews would be wise. The fact that your tanks are dying just makes me wonder if they're geared well enough or if they're using their CD's and taunting correctly.

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