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Thread: Resto Druid: Trauma or Dying Light

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    Resto Druid: Trauma or Dying Light

    Ok so I hear mixed reviews about Trauma, but since the fix this mace seems to be OP for resto druids. So should I aim for this item and have to take pts in CF to be haste capped or go for dying light http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50181? (note: my guild is not to heroic modes yet) Also, at the risk of sounding like a newb. . .should we usually go for main hand/off hand or staff?

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    I know for caster dps, MH+OH is better, as there is a larger stat allocation. From the parses I have seen, Trauma's proc can make up a very large part of your healing done, especially on aura fights like Festergut.

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    If you can maintain the haste cap without CF while using Trauma then it's definately better. I've been playing around with gear choices on Rawr and it's not that difficult to reach the haste cap with Trauma, but it requires some very selective gear choices. I've been passing on every single piece so far with crit just because I won't be able to use it with my end game set. I think talent choices are a better choice than what weapon to use, so the sooner you can get out and stay out of CF the better.

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    Trauma is godly for raid healing, especially on fights like Festergut. I keep my old ToC dagger on me for tank healing, but I would definately advise to go for it if nobody else is dieing to get it.
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    Each time your spell heals a target, not each time you cast a spell, each time the spell heals. So every tick of rejuvenation, ever click of wild growth, ever click of any of our HoTs has a chance to proc this weapon. And boy does it: 1% chance per HoT tick, no internal cool down.

    On a fight like Blood Queen the proc, called: Fountain of Light, can heal for 5-6% of over all healing in a 25 man regular setting. On a fight like Sindragosa, where you will have long periods with limited casting and more wild growth it makes up close to 10% of a druids healing. Not to bad if you ask me.

    Certainly the game has fights that it isn't the superior weapon. When you have less of the raid wide constant damage the superior stats on a staff can over come to a certain degree. Deathbringer Sarafang comes to mind since for the most part procs will end up doing next to nothing unless things are going wrong.

    But in my personal conclusion it is most likely BiS for a resto druid when combined with a great off hand. The off hand off Sindragosa really comes to mind for this (haste + good resto stats to make up a little bit of the difference lost). I would also keep a staff around, and if able, get one of the better ones for certain fights to switch out if your able and flip flop between them for certain fights.

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