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Thread: I've hit a wall of 3.5k dps

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    I've hit a wall of 3.5k dps

    Well it seems no matter what I try I can't break through the wall of 3.5k dps (4k if I'm raiding)


    I'm pretty sure I've got the rotation down pat (or priority list rather) and whenever I hit Bladestorm I activate my trinket before hand (and usually drop an OP before I BS) but I just can't raise the dps any higher.

    I get the feeling that it's going to be down to my gemming or something. Or maybe it is me. Either way those sorts of numbers are pretty low seeing as I want to be raiding soon for more gear.

    I've been an Arms Warrior for the entirety of myself playing WoW. I only bought Dual spec last night and was a bit put off by fury and the figures I got (still only 2.5k so I know I haven't got that right) but the reality is I would prefer to dual spec Arms and Prot. But unless I can get Arms to a decent damage level I'll have to use Fury and learn it.

    Cheers in advance.

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    I had the same problem and was reluctant to change to fury, but since i changed it's helped alot, i suggest you use a program called rawr http://www.codeplex.com/Rawr if you click tools and optimize it will tell you what gems/enchants to use to get the most dps out of your gear. I've used it and my dps shot up, also look at my talents in fury it may help. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...fire&cn=Peterh

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    your gear could use head and shoulder reputation enchantments.

    drop some gold into uldaur relics and get your hodir rep up, and do the ebon knights quest line too.

    Your choice of boots is a little odd. Those are tank boots.
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    Yeah I got the boots ages ago to replace some crap ones I had and I've never seen a dps set come up. So I've been stuck with them for a fair while.

    Thanks guys I'll give it a look. TBH though I'd really prefer to stay arms and try and get more out of it.

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    few things id look to getting would be
    banner of victory trinket from toc 5 normal

    titanium spikeguard wrists
    crafted 226 boots or the valor 219 ilvl ones if need be

    you only need to be around 269 hit rating so you have far to much at the moment
    i sit around 230-240 absolutly fine

    also if possible look into gett icc rep up to friendly to get the ashen verdict iLVL251 band

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    You have a lot of work to do. I would spell out exactly what you need to do but honestly all of the research is on this site. Look under guides. When I see someone in tank and pvp gear(resil gear), lacking enchants, and complaining about dps? I'm not trying to be mean...check out wow-heroes.com. research a bit more, and then write on here.

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    I'll echo what Bung said. We could tell you how to fix your problems *right* now. But as you get more upgrades you'll be back in this spot again if you don't understand the fundamentals of arms gearing (and possibly rotation).

    Start here:
    then if you have any specific questions we can help you further. Specifically I would try to gem/gear my way from using the Mark of Supremacy it's really bad.

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    Well for some reason DPS in 5man is hard to increase at some point due to mobs diying simply to fast.

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    Quick and easy ups are.
    Drop hit trinket, any thing is better. The hit is utterly wasted as your hit capped, get for example Mirror of Truth.
    Enchant your gear.
    Drop the boots get the carfted ones (Battlelord's Plate Boots)
    Drop the belt get the crafted one (Belt of the Titans)

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