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Thread: I'm Stuck for ways to inprove my DPS

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    I'm Stuck for ways to inprove my DPS

    I've seem to not be reaching the dps i need for ICC fights. Other Warriors in lesser gear are doing way
    more DPS than i can..... Can someone tell me what else i need to do?
    that is my armory link... now I've heard people say that you cant use overpower from behind, you have to be in front of the boss..... I can hit op from behind though.. strange. oh well thanks for the help in advance


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    eh? can't use OP behind boss? you ALWAYS want to attack from behind the boss. In light of OP, it honestly shouldn't matter what direction your attacking with OP only. All your other abiltiers are subject to dodge, parry and block mechanics, limited to whatever the boss can do obviously.

    Also, could you give us some insight into the rotation you use, what fights specifically you are having troubles on, and your group composition/buffs as well. All of these can have huge impacts on your personal DPS, as well as all of those around you.

    aaaaaahhhhh, and now we come to your armory, sorry I didn't even look at it before I wrote all of that stuff, but it's still relavant!

    #1- Change all your gems to ArP.
    #2- Drop expertise
    #3- own face. :P


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