Hi people at TS! been a while since I've posted and I have a dilemma in the fact that have over 95 frost badges, and I do not know what to get! I have an abundance of expertise... and a shortage of gold =S

I am thinking that I might invest into the Legplates of Painful Death, so I can drop some not-so-much needed expertise. You guys think this is a wise desicion? In a little bit, I will be going fury, mainly once I get a good weapon (crytmaker, SE, really anything.... any recommendations on the best weapon that is "easily" obtainable, barring the current content I am clearing, 7 bosses in icc10, PuG'ed 25m progression... 4 bosses down)

Any thoughts on this would be appreciative :P

EDIT: FAIL! I missed my armory link, sorry. Here ya go!

Deathsupply - Medivh