Well I never go in a DPS spec. Actualy I rather log out then doing DPS on my DK. and now I am wondering what to do as a tank.

I still farm /random 5man Heroic cuz their still is a few upgrade left that I could buy with emblem or loot. But those would provid very minor upgrade for the most part.

1)So I am wondering if I could start tanking in VoA 10 or 25man ?

2)Also should I be able to tank H HoR wit the gear I do have ? last time I tryed I only has 31khp and it went realy bad.

Here is my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...Llane&cn=Venur

3) I have trouble with AoE aggro as blood spec in many pug is it normal ? My rotation is DnD, IT, PS, Pest, BB then I spam tab + HS, DS. And yes I do have Rune strike hotkeyed to every runic generating ability.

4) If you do have anything to say about mys pec feel free too. I'm already considering droping histeria for something bether. Since I can't tank in raid yet, it just useless.