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Thread: Just switched from disc to Holy, and need help

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    Just switched from disc to Holy, and need help

    I need to see if I am on the right track. I have tier 10 pants that I will equip tonight once I get them enchanted. I want to know if I am gemming correctly, and if my spec will do ok. I didn't go with a cookie cutter spec so if someone could take a look and see if I am missing anything important. I am also trying to get a new UI set up and am just having problems so if you have any tips to make it easier I would appreciate it. Here is my spec:


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    There is no "cookie cutter" Holy spec in the typical sense, since there are more good talents than there are talent points to spend. One thing I recommend about your spec, is Healing Prayers - the mana reduction of Prayer of Mending is nice (since it's one of those spells you usually want to use on CD), but the real biggie is 20% off Prayer of Healing, which is one of the most expensive spells you have. I'd recommend speccing into it, maybe take a point out of Inner Focus and a point out of Empowered Healing or something.

    Another thing to consider is the Guardian Spirit glyph instead of Renew - having GS every minute is fantastic.

    Your gear and gems/enchants look good to me. One thing I recommend as Holy is having an addon (I use Alert because I'm too lazy to learn how to configure PowerAuras) that lets you know when you get a Surge of Light proc. Knowing when you have an instant Flash Heal is very handy.

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    I tend to ignore these procs. FH will be cast when I need it. If it's instant, fine. If not, pity.
    While I'm spamming me heals it doesn't really change anything.

    SoL proc alert would be nice if you use them to to get free smites off.

    Apart from that I agree with everything the above poster said.
    Don't glyph renew even if you spec into it(which is a matter of taste). The GS glyph is AMAZING!

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    Thanks for the help. I will get that other glyph and change those 2 points tonight.

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