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Thread: Need help with gear enchanting and gemming

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    Need help with gear enchanting and gemming

    Hey okay well I know the gear I need to go for but the problem is my health is at 33k health unbuffed, right now i got all the enchants and gems messed up iin my gear. Im told I should be able to run Ulduar butr my low hp is what seems to be keeping me out


    Any help would be greatly appreciated, cause i really wanna run uld, ToTc and the new ICC raid

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    Sure, here goes.

    You want to get a pure stam or def/stam (green) gem in your weapon.

    Replace the hit gem in your helmet with def/stam to maintain the +12 stam socket bonus.

    Gem gloves for expertise/stam in lieu of hit/expertise.

    I tend to prefer the +40 stam enchant on bracers in lieu of expertise. As soon as you exceed the 26 expertise mark, you may want to think about replacing your exp chant with stam (if not sooner).

    Replace the parry/stam gem in your boots with expertise/stam.

    Get either the defense or armor echant on your cloak (be mindful if you go armor that you want to recapture the 540 def mark - def/stam in helmet and weapon may facilitate this).

    Epic gems wouldn't hurt either, replace the "rare"s as you can.

    All that being said, I'd say you're probably ready for Ulduar as you are. I remember being in a guild that headed into Ulduar, initially, with a max of 10/25 man Naxx gear and doing just fine.
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    If HP and survivability is your concern the last thing you want to do is start gemming for threat, ie expertise and hit. 26 expertise is only a goal if your ability to survive is without question and obviously if you can't keep threat without it.

    As for socket bonuses the general rule is don't take the bonus unless it's +9 stam or better which you will usually only find in you helm, chest, leg and belt slots. If it's +6 stam or below just stick with 30/24 stam gems. If you are going for the socket bonus the only choice for yellow is defense/stam and for red you can pick up either dodge/stam or agi stam.

    In the warrior guide I have linked below there is a list/comparison of enchantments for every slot. The only difference is for your weapon which should be Stoneskin Gargoyle.

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