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Thread: Feral Druid pulling medicore dps for gear

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    Feral Druid pulling medicore dps for gear

    I am a feral druid who does consistent about 5.8k-6.2k dps in icc 10m gear. I have seen other druids in less gear than myself be able to pull the same dps as I am, sometimes more. I am stacking arp atm. I think I have above average uptime on my SR, rip, and rake.


    I am stacking arp past the soft cap, is this advised, should I go solely agility, or gem arp at the soft cap.

    What trinket should I replace banner of victory with? The crit/ap trinket out of 10m icc deathwhisperer?

    25m isn't an option for me atm, only can go to pugs or to GDKP runs, in which i have no money to purchase DBW. Would Deaths Choice be an upgrade from the Whisperers Fang trinket?

    Is there any addon I can download to check the uptime of all my dots? My ap is about 10100 buffed with kings and battle shout in 10m. 60% crit as well with idol proc'd fully.

    I know I need to gem/enchant my chest/gloves. I am a more dedicated pvper, so re-enchanting my wrists is kind of a no-go.

    But i'm sure that a few gems won't raise my dps by more than 50 max. Any tips from other feral druid on how to increase dps?

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    logs would help immensely =)

    I'm no expert, but I've been reading about feral dps for some time now.
    Don't have above average uptime on SR, aim for 100% uptime.
    Also, check if SR and Rip are about to finish together - then do a quick 1-2pt SR to desynch.

    Are you the manglebot?

    SR buffs everything
    Mangle buffs bleeds and Shred
    Bleeds buff Shred

    My 2 cents =)

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