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Thread: Do you open w/ Charge + Shockwave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    If you've got the rage, you can queue a heroic strike just before you charge for a little extra threat to start the pull off with.
    Assuming that we are speaking of >1 mob pull I suggest to queue Cleave instead of HS. =P

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    It might've already been said but, before you charge Heroic Throw a caster if one is in a group to make sure that it comes to the rest of the group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nez View Post
    I usually saving shockwave for if anything start to pull off of me. I Start with Charge-TC-devspam/cleave saving, then if I still have SW hot, I blast if off then.
    That's fine for just keeping a hold on things i guess, but some of us like to push dps to the max as well. The sooner you shockwave, the sooner you can do it again! But, as I stated previously, using it too soon usually results in rage starvation early in a pull. If you're like me and you encourage dps to go apesh*t crazy on dps, you can't afford for that to happen. So giving it a few sec is usually the best option, imo. Only shockwave once you've pooled enough rage to last you through the 4sec stun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fyk View Post
    Assuming that we are speaking of >1 mob pull I suggest to queue Cleave instead of HS. =P
    Yeah..the problem is that the lil critters aren't always conveniently gathered for a cleave immediately upon a charge. If I heroic throw mob A, charge/heroic strike mob B and then shield slam mob C, I've got a solid initial threat lead on 3 different mobs before I've even touched my thunderclap/shockwave keys. Usually by the time my SS hits, they are all gathered up for a nice TC, followed by the backstep shockwave. While I don't dispute the value of cleave, I find it annoying to use at times.

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    My aoe pack grab is this:

    BR it it's up->Charge->TC once I'm in an optimum location for it (note: if you can time it well you can TC in the middle of a charge)->half-circle around or backstep the mobs to "herd" them into a close group->shockwave->Revenge->tab cleave. This hits the most mobs in the shortest period of time and builds up the most snap threat on an aoe pack that I've seen.

    You could toss demo in here too if you have the rage, but frankly the tiny threat you get from it isn't worth the rage. Demo as an aoe aggro generator should only be used in gauntlet situations where you can't stop and you have filler time between aoes.

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