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Thread: Phylax Hunter UI

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    Phylax Hunter UI


    Havent seen many hunter UIs, so i thought id share mine, i know alot of tanks have DPS alts
    If anyone is interested i can explain what each mod is individually
    Took alot of ideas for the tank UIs here and mixed it up with a couple mods Kipp from Exodus uses and a couple things i personally prefer

    AzCastBars - cast and swing timers
    AtlasLoot - loot tables
    Deadly Boss Mods - raiding staple
    Dominos - hotkey bars moving and sizing
    Gearscore - mod required for pugging on my server
    Grid - raid frame
    KgPanels - panels
    Prat - chat modifier
    SatrinaBuffFrames - buff and debuff tracking
    Sexymap - sexier mini map
    Shadow Unit Frames - player/target/ToT/pet/focus bars
    OmniCC - puts CD remaining on actual hotkeys and on target debuffs
    pError - clears window of errors such as "ability not ready yet"
    Omen - threat meter
    Recount - damage meter
    Titan Panel - information bar
    Power Auras - have it set so blue outline when viper is on, Red Outline when Kill Shot is up, Blue Smudge on low mana, Red Smudge on low health etc

    Cleaned it up a bit, removed Skada, didnt like it very much, put Omen and Recount back in, tweaked minor settings and panels, added Titan Panel and Power Auras

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    If your posting in this particular forum you should probably post a list of your addons at the very least and probably a link to download.
    There is something so appealing about backhanding someone across the face with a shield.

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    working on uploading the file right now
    im not good with photoshop so i cant put arrows and such to show what each addon is on the screen
    but ill edit post and make a list of each

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