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Thread: DK Gearing up for ICC 10, need advice

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    DK Gearing up for ICC 10, need advice


    Hey so im still kinda new, my guild says i need better gear to join there ICC10 runs, i think i have a few options but their seems to be alot of gear available and i would like some advice

    So i have 5 primordial saronite bars, 50 frost emblems and about 1k gold, i was wondering what my best options for upgrading my gear are. this is my armoury


    I was thinking for grabing this http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50466, but then i was wondering if i should save my frosts for a peice of the T10 set or maybe this belt http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50991.

    Should I try and save gold for the ICC blacksmithed legs and boots or should i keep running VoA to get the legs and hands for T10 and save my saronite for the boots,

    there are so many options im kinda confused on what to go for next and those frosts took me a long time to get so i wanna spend them and my primodial saronite on something that i won't find an option to upgrade with for a fair while.

    oh and when im in frost presence, in blood spec with my 2h i have 37.5 k hp. i have a DW frost spec for heroics but use the blood spec for raids

    thanks in advance

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    First, the cloak is your biggest upgrade. Next purchase depending on upgrades would be the belt. You're going to get different counseling on what to do with the saronite. The legs are damn nice due to the extra armor. However, they cost 3 more primordials which would be either 4.5kg ish or a lot of emblems. The boots are great, and tank boots are hard to come by. There are no ICC upgrades until you progress relatively far into the raid. You can get into 25 toc or 10 hard for a solid boot upgrade. Also, you might want to try and work on your mark of the relentless. Not a bad ring, but the ony 10 or 25 ring is marked upgrade and pretty easily obtained. Needless to say there are some good upgrades for you in toc and you are more than capable of tanking 25toc. Its pretty easily pugged these days, and you could see:





    There are more upgrades here including trophies and weapons. Either way I highly recommend 2 weeks of 25 toc tanking. Also, PUG 10 icc. You should at the very least be able to down marrowgar and get trash rep. You are strong enough to tank a 10 icc pug. Not festergut but you can handle everything the first 4 bosses throw at you from an eh/avoidance standpoint.

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    You should probably stop gemming for hit and expertise, especially if you are planning to tank things that are hard for your gear level. Your chest/glove enchants are also wrong for max EH.

    But to answer your question, you are correct in assuming that your belt and cloak are some of your worst items, so you should do a stat by stat comparison of those two upgrades (along with the +228 stam trinket) and see which is the best per badge spent. Also, even if you aren't going to be tanking ICC bosses quite yet, get in there now and farm trash til your eyes bleed so you can get the ring. It's a decent upgrade to that 219 ring you have right now and costs no money/badges. Crafted pants are insane, as well, if that saronite is burning a hole in your pocket.

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