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Thread: Death Knight Tanking Isuues and Advice needed!

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    Death Knight Tanking Isuues and Advice needed!

    Hello! I always watched your movies to see how to clear bosses and stuff like that yadda yadda! Well at dps'ing is good but let's get to the point. I just started tanking as DK and Sometimes I just find myself euther by having not much survavability and/or not holding aggro so much. I need some tips about gearing/gemming Enchanting properly and wich spec should I use for easy tanking Atm I am specked as Frost tank but after speaking to a friend DK he said me Bood tankig is easy due to DS spam, but tbh I am liking the way the frost tree suits my playstyle. Well Mainly send me the stuff about the gearing/gemming/enchanting and I realyy can pass to the spec discussion after.
    BTW, here is my armory profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...n=Fallenshadow
    If u want to contact me fell free to add me in any of these services:
    Xfire: Shadowwolfpt
    MSN: shadowwolf@live.com.pt

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    Please keep in mind that any question you may have has most likely been answered 5000 times. Use the search function at the top right.

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    Agg's tanking guide

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