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Thread: Pimp my new Prot Warrior

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    Pimp my new Prot Warrior

    Hi all, I got my warrior to 80 this weekend and have been trying to gear him up for current content raids (Ony/VoA/ToC/ICC) as quickly as possible.

    That means buying/making every piece I can so as to minimize the amount of time I have to spend farming 5mans for gear. Indestructable Plate Girdle is on the way, and I'm eying an overpriced Band of the Traitor King (currently 2500g, which is about 500g more than I bought Rowan's Rifle for) on the AH.

    I'm pretty sick of the 5man grind and want to skip as much of it as possible. Any suggestions/recommendations what more I can buy/craft or otherwise do to reduce 5man grinding for gear?
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    Gold is the only way to avoid the 5 man grind, IMO. Buy every crafted/BoE 264 tank piece, then 245 in any remaining, then fill in the rest with 226/213. I'm pretty sure you can be good for ToC 10+ after doing that, then you can farm ToC/Uld/Naxx raids as MT instead of 5 mans and tag along for some ICC rep runs for the ring.

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    The ICC craftable boots and legs are both going to end up being best in slot for a long time. If you have the funds you might as well craft them.

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