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Thread: DK Tank Spec

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    DK Tank Spec

    So this is one of my later alts that I just came back to - at 78, will be 80 in no time.. With emblems being so easy to get now and gear up (which I will be gearing up for Unholy DPS) - I am in need of a tank spec specifically built around heroic farming (no raiding whatsoever as tank).

    On my warrior, it's fairly easy as I am so familiar with it, take out deep wounds... get improved cleaving, improved shouts, no cooldowns since I won't need them in heroics, etc.. but with DK's being able to tank in all specs with so many options I am looking for opinions in options for heroic specific tanking.

    I don't care which spec is it, I can get used to anything, just looking for recommendations as to best spec for it and best glyphs to do so.

    Thanks in advance!

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    This is the most concise guide I've found for setting your self up for quickly queing and farming heroics. Specs are included, and I'd definitely recommend Frost for the AOE fest that 5 man's have become.

    I don't seem to have too much difficulty generating or maintining runic power, so I've changed the spec slightly by removing points from Scent of Blood to increase critical strike proc's with Killing Machine. As the guide will indicate, you've got a fair bit of flexibilty there to suit your needs, and a little experimenting shouldn't hurt your effectiveness in any noticeable manner.
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    With the impatient aoe-fest you'll be facing your #1 aim should be to glyph and talent for improved D+D - imo everything else is negotiable depending on your style

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