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Thread: Gearcheck - ICC 25

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    Gearcheck - ICC 25

    A couple of nights ago I went into ICC 25, and on trash it felt fine. However, on the firts boss ( which we downed ) I felt rather squishy, even after Ive breached 37K EH unbuffed.

    So here is a link to my armory, maybe someone can point out some improvements...

    Glaive's Armory

    Thanks in advance.

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    Everyone feels squishy @ marrowgar when they start tanking icc25 the first time.
    I noticed you have very little armor tho so i'd suggest maybe getting some off-set armor boost pieces.

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    Prinnyraid has hit on why you feel squishy. Health is only one aspect of 'effective health' - the other part is armor. Pick up the crafted legs, the frost emblem chest, hands and waist, and try perhaps running ICC10 for the bracers from the chest at Saurfang. Use Indestructible Potions (one just before engaging, one two mins later or on a burst). In my opinion you're a little undergeared for the fight. I'm slightly confused as to why you picked up the Tier9 232 shoulders and helm over the superior 245 pieces from the Triumph vendor, too. The 4 set bonus isn't great.

    Some of your enchants could use switching for more EH - try the PVP enchant for shoulders (30 stam + 15 res), 225 armor for your cloak, 275hp for your chest, and 18 stam kit or 240 armor kit for gloves. But that's fairly minor.

    Make sure debuffs are on the boss - Demo Shout and Thunderclap (or equivalents from other classes) - and that you have a healer assigned to each of the three tanks. If you really feel squishy, drop 2 points in your talent build from Shield Spec and pick up Improved Disciplines and the Glyph of Shield Wall (replace Glyph of Sunder Armor) - that takes Shield Wall down to a 2 min c/d so you have it up more often.

    Hope that's helpful - good luck!
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    Just a minor question but could it be that you made a mistake and ment 10 man? because neither in your achievement nor in your statisticts there seems to be a 25 man marrowgar kill?

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    If you have ToC10/25 level equip then you should be fine on the first 4 encounters.
    Although I have to agree on armor. You will want to reach 30k armor unbuffed by the time you get to Festergut. You will also have to learn to time your CDs. Especially macroing Shield Block to SS will be a no-no when you get to Festergut. Yes, I know we all did it. But there it actually becomes a survival CD, not a TPS boost. Same goes for Marrowgar. After a WW phase when your healers have to find their positions a little SB will go a long way. It's also a good idea to use LS/SW right after a WW phase. Your co-tanks/healers might be slow, spiked or at the other end of the room.
    Remember to keep demo shout/t-clap up. In a 25 setting this may be superfluous but you have the rage for it. Remember to time your armor pots(they are dirt cheap) and consider using elixirs instead of flasks if you are really struggeling. And if you have an alchmist alt who can readily supply them.
    Spec and Glyphs should be adjusted for survival. Personally I am going for Imp. Disciplines and carry glyphs for last stand, shield wall and devastate. I will be speccing out of Deep Wounds since I find threat is not much of an issue(and its damage is not worth it ATM, IMHO, YMMV)

    Easy upgrades:
    Your next frost badge upgrade should be the off-set belt. Also consider picking up the +armor trinket. Consider buying(or crafting) the ilvl245 wrists and the white knight chest. Pick up the ilvl245 helmet and shoulders. I'm not too sure about the blade barrier enchant. Consider gemming agi/stam and def/stam for red or yellow sockets.
    That should roughly put you in the 39k hp/30k armor ballpark without giving up too much avoid. Wether to gem for socket bonus or not comes down to personal taste. The socket bonus is indeed a bonus. While considering it, do not reduce the problem to "how much HP will I lose if I don't socket pure stam". Always also consider what benefit the second stat on your gems bring to the table.

    That should put you on at least ilvl 245 except for boots, neck, hands and trousers. The latter two give you the first set bonus of T9. IMHO the 4pc bonus is not worth keeping around indefinitely.

    Expensive upgrades:
    If you can upgrade those from drops then do not hesitate to do so. If you can afford to buy the crafted boots and trousers, do so.
    I guess you are struggeling for frost badges. Do not invest them in set items until you are sure you can immediately upgrade them to the next tier. Try to upgrade your non ilvl245 stuff first. Always look out for bonus armor. But once you have reached 30k armor don't overemphasize on it.

    Treatwise you should be fine. You have enough +hit and enough exp. Only gem for that when you are struggeling for threat. There is no point in trying to reach the soft caps when it isn't a problem. And looking at your figures it really isn't.

    BTW, Thrym in Zul'Drak is a nice target dummy for trying to survive on your own. Once you are comfortable soloing him you will be ready for the rest of ICC.

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    that you made a mistake and ment 10 man
    Argh... ur right, my apologies for not noticing. I was reading up on ICC 25 fight tactics here and must have made a freudian slip.

    At any rate, Sometimes during the fight I felt squishy, and I shouldnt. Im wondering if its just me being wary of the fight itself because its new for me.

    why you picked up the Tier9 232 shoulders and helm over the superior 245 pieces from the Triumph vendor
    To be honest, I needed to improve gear and of late I sadly do not really have a lot of time to farm badges through heroics, hence I got what I could to improve. Improving isnt allways simple as I didnt want to lower my block and/or parry/dodge with other pieces that have less of those stats.

    Im trying really hard to keep all the dodge, block and parry stats as close as possible.

    However, I've noticed that the 4 pieces set bonus is actually really useful to have, at least for my style of play.

    @ Mael:

    Thank you for your advice.

    Its exactly the sort of pointers I was looking for, in order to move from here ( this current gear state of mine, is what I like to call a stepping stone state, in between almost ready and ready for ICC's later fights ).

    Again, many thanks for your help Mael.

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    If you can get T10 gloves/chest, do it ASAP. Huge bumps in armor over anything ilevel 245. And I do disagree with Mael, all stam for anyone who wants to MT seriously... DO look at it as "how much stamina do I lose if I don't gem straight +30". All those avoidance/threat stats may be nice for reducing your overall damage taken over the course of a fight (over stam gemming) or putting a bigger threat gap between you and mages, but the one thing you can do to improve your ability to stay alive is EH. If you're just tanking trash or raids far below your gear level, THEN you can put preference into play and gem however you feel.

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