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Thread: [H] Coilfang-PVPUS -= 6/12 HM ICC | LFM DPS & Healers- =-

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    [H] Coilfang-PVPUS -= 7/12 HM ICC | LFM DPS & Healers- =- + Prot PALLY!

    Let us know if your coming from tankspot in your application, if you have any questions feel free to send me a private message here on tankspot or speak to an officer in-game. We run a extremely lean roster and we don't recruit for the bench!

    ITM of Coilfang (PvP) - Horde

    ■ Current Recruitment

    * 1x Hunter
    * 1x Mage
    * 1x Paladin (Holy)
    * 1x Warlock
    * 1x Warrior (Fury)
    * 1x Prot Pally (Sorry only accepting pallies atm)

    We recently cleaned a bit of house, so even though these are our highest priority, we will take applications from any class/spec if you feel you can compete with our current raiders you will be given the spot!

    ■■ Progression

    Icecrown Citadel (25) ▪ 12/12 N, 7/12 HM
    Trial of the Grand Crusade (25) ▪ 5/5 (Insanity)
    Ulduar (25) ▪ 14/14 & 9/9 HM

    Icecrown Citadel (10) ▪ 12/12 N, 11/12 HM
    Trial of the Grand Crusade (10) ▪ 5/5 (Insanity)
    Ulduar (10) ▪ 14/14 & 9/9 HM

    Achievements (25 player)
    -Server First: The Lich King
    -A Tribute to Insanity
    -Realm First: Death's Demise
    -Realm First: Celestial Defender
    -Glory of the Ulduar Raider

    ■■■ Raid Times

    Sunday through Wednesday
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm PST (4 days)

    ■■■ Player Expectations

    Players seeking to join should have have the best knowledge of their class and up to date info on upcoming boss encounters. Our expectations are high and recommend that all who apply be in similar item level gear to coincide with relavent content. We ask that all trials/members be willing to take criticism for their mistakes in a raid environment.

    We as officers will not hold back if you made a mistake and will most likely question your position in this guild if it persists. Continuous mistakes will eventually lead up to a dismissal from the raid and a possible rank demotion. Other then that we are here to enjoy ourselves and defeat raid encounters.

    ■■■ Requirements

    Applicants must...
    - Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule.
    - Have a stable internet connection.
    - Be EXCELLENT at your roles in raids and be willing to take criticism and advice.
    - Attend preferably all raids.
    - Provide your own raid materials for raids.
    - Be willing to participate in both 25 and 10 man instances and achievements.
    - Have a good understanding of all possible encounters before applying.

    ■■■ Contact Us

    In Game ▪ Fn, Shujenkah, Jazalak
    Website ▪ http://www.mtns-guild.com
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