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Thread: Blood Tank looking to improve

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    Blood Tank looking to improve


    Above is my armor, I don't have a specific question, but I am looking to improve in any way I can. I currently ear hit food to shore up my low hit rating at the moment and plan on soon getting the t10 hands to resolve that problem. My goal is to get to 40k health unbuffed, 39991 with both my stam trinkets in. I'd like to get the crafted boots but don't know if they are worth farming all the gold for the 5 saronites and other mats. I also switch out the badge tank ring with the one off 25 anub on different fights.

    my rotation for aoe is DND-IT-PS-PEST-BB-BT-BB-DS-burn-BB-BB-Pest(or full disease refresh depending on situation-DND if more than 2 mobs are still alive

    single target: IT-PS-HS-HS-DS-burn-HS-HS-HS-PEST(disease refresh)-DS during damage spikes or when all blood/death runes are on cd

    I'd like to know if I'm doing anything wrong.


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    Your rotation is good, but will be outdated in 3.3.3 (more on this later). The boots are a big upgrade for you. So are the crafted pants.

    You're losing a bunch of stamina with all the hit gems. If you get the crafted boots and move up to the T10 gloves, you can swap all of your hit gems to stamina. You can leave the helm one as hit/stam for the +12 bonus, but def/stam would be better. If you don't replace the gloves, replace the gem with a +30 stam instead of exp/hit. Your shoulders should have +30 stam instead of dodge/stam, but that isn't a huge issue. Your shoulders should also have the pvp enchant instead of the hodir enchant.

    Your spec and glyphs need tweaking. You should change the glyph combination. Keep Glyph of Death Strike. Add Glyph of Vampiric Blood (50% duration buff to our main cooldown). Keep either Glyph of Rune Strike or Glyph of Disease. Due to the IT threat buff, we won't use GoD in 3.3.3. For your spec, Subversion is more threat than Sudden Doom. Take all three points from Sudden Doom and stick them in Subversion.

    You might as well tweak your rotation and spec to support the new bonus threat on Icy Touch. You'll want to use a standard IT-PS-DS-HS-HS/DS-HSx4 rotation in 3.3.3. To support that, you need Epidemic. I like the utility of MoB and RT, so I would a point each from SoB and Morbidity to max out Epidemic.

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