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Thread: Where do I need to be to tank ToC10/25?

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    Where do I need to be to tank ToC10/25?

    In my off nights, I'm working to gear my Death Knight for tanking. Currently I'm running randoms to get as many badges as I can and I think that's where I should be at the moment.

    However, I'm wondering if there's a specific set of numbers I need to be at to be viable for raiding something like ToC10/25. Any advice there?


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    This is the wrong forum for this type of question. Probably best suited for the HALP! forum since you're asking for a character audit.

    In regard for what content you are ready to tank, I'd recommend looking yourself up on wow-heroes for a simple evaluation of gear. Currently, you're appropriately geared for Ulduar 10 and Eye of Eternity 25, though you are lacking several enchants.

    You will likely fill in your gaps with tier 9 pieces from running heroics. While you don't need tier 9 to tank tier 9, it's the most direct path to gearing your character up.
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    A very easy guideline would be if you can't que / successfully tank Halls of Reflections you can't tank ToC 10.

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    Moved to HALP forum.

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